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Pemberton Trail 50K Race Report Preview

Posted Feb 10 2013 12:00am
Just flew back from Arizona, I am toast, and ugh....two days of work ahead of me starting tomorrow morning. I have two Buffaloes who need attention. As a result, I won't have time to blog until Work Hangover Wednesday, but I promise I will write the full report and post it somewhere between Monday and Wednesday night.

The short version is, I ran well. I did not run fast, but I felt very strong and managed to run a 5:06, which is 12 minutes faster than 3 years ago, on very tired legs, so I am happy about that. It was a great workout and a lot of fun.

I did not see Sheriff Joe, or maybe I should say, he didn't see me. At least, I didn't get detained at the border, even though I brought cold damp weather with me, for the third consecutive trip I've made to Arizona.

I did see his deputies out, crawling all over the park and Fountain Hills, but no black helicopters flying overhead. No crowds of gun-toting mobs scrambling for Steven Seagall's autograph. No pink underwear-clad inmates from the county jail doing community service. I didn't even notice a single NRA sticker. Just the usual winter tourists.

The weather was kind of cold, wet and nasty for Arizona, but it didn't rain on us at all. Just a little sleet and the snowline maybe 500-1000 feet above us.

It was a fun visit, and most important of all, it was a run for Team Gab, so I'll have the details posted as soon as possible given my schedule from hell this coming week.
Good night everyone, I'll be back in a couple of sunsets...

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