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Peak of the Season Trail Run ...

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:00am

Peak of the Season Trail Run

Kurt set up this weekend's trail run, devising a 15 mile trail run and e-mailing it out to anyone that might be interested. I knew Debi was going to be there, but hadn't a clue who else was showing up. I'm on a steady long run diet of runs between 10-15 miles. I knew Kurt was going to run this crazy ass 12 hour endurance run somewhere. The 12 hour part isn't so crazy, it's the course that's crazy. It's a 1 mile loop course; the same thing, round and round for 12 hours. I always suspected Kurt is a human gerbil, since I know how much he runs that boring little track inside the Natatorium during the winter months, but now I'm certain he's a human gerbil on the wheel. He not only finished the 12 hours one mile loops but he won the dang thing too! He ran the most miles in 12 hours while his wife shopped and read several books. It wasn't easy on him. He wanted to call his wife after 12 miles, but he plodded on, battling stomach troubles and other banes of the long distance runner. Kurt said he did it for mental toughness. He claims he doesn't have it, but I beg to disagree. Kurt has loads of it.

So, I'm the first one in the lot this morning. A guy is on his phone calling the other members of his hiking group since a deer ended up in his windshield. Those long legged dear deer can cause some serious damage to cars in the early dawn hours. His cracked, yet still intact windshield, bore the shape of a deer's side. That would have scarred me to death and had me reconsidering the wisdom of driving my husband's 3 foot long Yaris out to our running sites. So, then Kurt shows up to tell us he's in no shape to run with us due to the gerbil run. So, why is he here? He was afraid we wouldn't know the route and he wanted to make sure we knew. Is that not the sweetest thing you've ever heard? I mean, Debi and I would have just run Pine Lane and back or something. Don H. showed up and he was confident of today's route. No one else showed up, so it was the three of us for a proposed 15 mile-ish trail route. Kurt ran a mile with us and then went home to get down to the business of recovery.

It was an absolutely beautiful day for a trail run. I was feeling a bit stiff since Sean unleashed the full flurry of his sadistic wiles, figuring I'm recovered from the marathon. He remembers when I make comments about easy wimpy workouts, so I was paying the piper. I've had a hard time sitting since Thursday due to four different kind of squats appearing on my chart. It didn't help that I've been engaged in total ass sitting immersion at work and that it's the birthday month, so much partying and celebrating on the other side of that. Anyway...I wasn't running that great today, but man was it beautiful. I brought along my camera to take a bunch of pictures, when I realized my battery juice was nearly sucked dry from drunken hits on the review button Friday night at the winery. Drats! I did manage to set up this nice shot for Don to take of Debi and I near the Stanford Youth Hostel before the battery gave up the ghost. I try to not post many pictures without Debi's prior approval because she usually hates pictures of herself, but she liked this one. I think it's one of my favorites. It turned out just how I wanted it. Thanks Don!

So, we ran down to Boston Store from Happy Days, then we did the Brandywine Loop. The trails are absolutely perfect, but a little tricky in areas where the leaves drift in deeper piles. Then we ran Pine Lane, but instead of going to the end we veered left and ran down past this Spicy Lamb Farm. This made me hungry and heralded in a bad case of food fantasizing along with a healthy dose of bitching because it appeared that we were lost. Hmmm....gyros with cucumber sauce would be good. Don thought we needed to turn left, just a ways should be here in any minutes....I was starting to suspect that Don was exhibiting typical male pattern "reluctant to ask for directions" syndrome. He just kept running and running, confident that our turn would appear over the next hill. Then, I thought that maybe he's really a pycho-nut case driving Debi and I deep into the forest to give us trouble. I was confident Debi and I could take him on. Sorry Don, if you're reading writer's imagination gets carryed away at times. Really...Don is just a pussycat, but he was getting irritated with the bitching, I think. I figured, oh well--it's a wonderful day to get lost. I'll save my super vehement brand of bitching for the next time some dude gets me lost in crappy weather.

We had no idea how far we'd come at this point. No one had a Garmin, but me and Debi's Mizuno shoe indicators--our aching numb toes--showed that we'd run a very long long ways. I was getting horrible stiff hip flexors, so I think we were doing over 15 miles. I saw parts of the bike and hike trail that I've never seen before. Finally, Don saw some hikers and asked him how far to Happy Days Visitor Center. He told them to tell me five miles, which was a bold-faced lie--we had only a mile to go. Yeah! My legs were toast.

What a beautiful day! Thanks Debi and Don....and Kurt for organizing it. Don estimates we probably ran 18, but who knows--it was definitely a long one.
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