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Part Two of my Running Skirt rev ...

Posted May 22 2009 10:57pm

Part Two of my Running Skirt review has been posted at  You'll see I listed my top three favorite running skirts.  These are the main three I run in all the time.  While I tried to keep my review over there somewhat neutral, I can say here that this is the order of my favorite skirts:

3. Skirt Sports
1. Atalanta Inspiration Skirt

The reason is that I think Atalanta skirt is lighter and looks the most cute on me :)   I was even running on a trail along side a road about a month ago and a women yelled out her car window "cute skirt!".   I have a feeling that in the winter months my skirts (which have a really cute logo) will get more use - especially since the Skort is longer and has compression shorts built in (for a little more warmth).   This does not make it a warm skirt as it does breath well, but rather it will help block some of the cooler winter winds and air that we can get around here.  But for the minimalist and fashion diva in me, Atalanta gets my vote.

Enjoy the review!

Here's a couple pictures of the Inspiration Skirt "live" per request.  The first one of me isn't that great but shows off the black with green.  Kayla is wearing the pink with white trim in the second pic.  Click on either for a larger picture.



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