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Pancakes, FroYo and Still No Running

Posted Nov 16 2012 12:00am
Monday & Tuesday: Rest and recovery from weekend

Wednesday's workout: 6.43 miles in 1:02:08 on the elliptical/xtrainer (now my ankle is a bit sore again and my knee hurts. D'oh!)

Thursday's workout: 60 solid minutes of Pop Pilates 

Seen that I currently can't entertain you with any exciting running stories, and wanting to avoid boring you to tears with my feeble attempts at xtraining and living-room-bound Pilates, I thought I'd do that other thing that running and health bloggers love to do: talk about recipes and food! 

I haven't done many any recipes on this blog because, to be honest, I'm not the most gifted cook out there. Sure, I'll take a pic of a tasty looking dish, but, thinking back, that's usually a stir fry. Cause that's a pretty foolproof dish to make, not even I can screw that up! 

You may remember that I was bragging about the delicious banana pancakes that my sister Becci made for us when I went home a few weeks ago. Well, Becci shared the recipe (yet another Blogilates find) and I've been making them pretty much every weekend since I've gotten back. They are THAT good!

Ok, so that first batch got a bit burnt, may have been the chocolate protein powder though?!

To make a one-person batch all you need is a banana and two eggs. Simples!

I used my handheld blender to mash up the banana with the eggs just to get a smoother consistency. Then, cause I'm so super creative like that, I threw in a handful of mixed nuts (walnuts, cashews, brazil nuts) for some added flavor. 

For the batch above I also used a spoonful of my chocolate protein powder, but that's really not necessary (after all, you're getting a pretty decent protein hit just from the eggs alone) and I'm totally blaming the protein powder for burning that first batch. It's the powder's fault, I swear!

That slightly miserable and burnt-looking batch is the only photographic evidence I have of my forays into the pancake-making world (after that I was too busy eating them to take anymore pix). 

Banana-pancake lesson learnt: a minute on each side is all they need (after all, it's just eggs!). I sprinkled mine with some cinnamon and even tried them with honey and they are seriously, fingerlickin' good!

Another food-related discovery that I made last week on one of my rare grocery-shopping trips (there's a reason why G gets our groceries and not me, and it involves bankruptcy prevention through impulsive-shopping as well as keeping our fat/calorie/sweets-intake down!!!): 

I kid you not, I died, went to heaven, then came back for seconds thirds. Need I say more?

Don't worry, all this really does belong on a running blog: runners need food, runners need protein and runners need calcium. I just provided you with food, protein and calcium inspiration, ergo you're welcome!

What's your guilty pleasure and/or current food obsession? Obviously FroYo and banana pancakes for this gal!
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