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Pain! Pain! Pain!

Posted Feb 15 2012 1:00pm
Monday's run was planned to be my usual long treadmill run. Ideally I wanted to get 8 miles in even though my training plan only said I had to do 5, but I like to be a few steps ahead if I can so if I need to miss a run or something I don't feel too guilty.

RP drove us to the gym and after the usual half hour of trying to find a parking space we eventually got inside and since it seems all the New Year's resolution people have decided to give up on their resolutions now there was plenty of free equipment in the gym and I managed to bag the treadmill under the air conditioner which is my favourite.

I set off and got ready for the boring slog to come, unfortunately the telly in front of me had BBC News on so I didn't even have good telly to cheer me up just the usual doom and gloom! I did have my iPhone though which meant awesome running songs whoop!

About 15 minutes into the run my right calf started to ache, then at 20 mins I started to feel a pain shooting down it. In true ignore your own advice style I carried on running believeing that it would go away in a minute and I would be fine. Nope not true, by 30 mins I was limping along and my knee had decided to join in on the pain party. Limping is pretty hard on a treadmill so I decided to stop and have a little walk and hopefully that would make it better.

I walked for a little bit and then tried to stretch out my calf, this was so painful! I walked a little more and contemplated calling it a day but I knew that I wanted to stick to my plan and I had done 3 miles so I only had to do another 2 and that would be sticking to the plan, I could try and do the 8 miles later in the week. So I started back up again and immediately the calf and knee pain were there again, I decided that I would have to do a bit of a run walk stretch strategy to get through the run so I ran for 10 minutes and walk/stretched for 5.

I finally made it to 5 miles in just over an hour and I thought 3 miles is my easy distance I can do that, I can add it on quickly now and then I will have done the 8 miles and I won't feel guilty when I'm lying in bed nursing my leg! So I did it, I pushed through to 8 miles and whilst I was proud of myself for setting a goal and sticking to it I was also a bit ashamed of myself because I knew that I should have stopped after the first 3 miles. My calf was on fire and my knee was making quite a worrying clicking/crunching noise.

I did a good stretching session and then went to meet RP who had gone to have a sauna after his workout. We got home and stuffed our faces full of pasta and then I fell to sleep like a baby. The next day my calf and knee were still feeling sore and I've continued to stretch to try and make it better. I'm not really sure what to do about my knee, other than keep and eye on it and hope it doesn't get any worse!

Tonight's run will probably be a local run round the industrial estate, that way if my calf or knee decides to play up I can do the sensible thing and stop and hobble home. With only 4 weeks left until the Silverstone Half I really can't afford to get injured now! Time to take some of my own advice and listen to my body!

Just realised by pushing through to the 8 miles I have brought my total miles for 2012 to over 100!! Woo Hoo!!

Treadmill Stats

Distance: 13.3km = 8.26 miles
Time: 01hr 42m 18s (Slow due to walking loads!)
Average Pace: 12:30 min/mile
Calories: 1115

February Totals

Miles: 26.97
Time: 05hr 03m 46s
Calories: 3489

2012 Totals

Miles: 100.78
Time: 19hr 13m 41s
Calories: 13,184
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