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Out like a lion?

Posted Mar 01 2010 12:00am
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It was a very chilly morning today in New England. Brrrrr! Where did Spring go? I dressed in layers as on those yucky winter days. Actually it would have been fairly nice out if not for the constant breeze bringing the temps down into the 30’s. Although while on the run I did see a man walking his little dog wearing a golf shirt and shorts!  Seriously?!? Guess Spring came in like a lamb and is going out like a lion. 


Only made 16.25 miles out of the 17 this morning. I was getting this random sharp pain in my right knee which I think is coming from a very tight upper calf. It is very bizarre, but I am not too nervous yet. I will keep stretching and if does not seem better I will visit Dr. George, my chiropractor, on Tuesday. 

Overall, a good training day.

Breakfast: 3 egg whites nice and fluffy with a sprinkle of low fat cheddar cheese between 2 slices of Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted grain bread, a banana, Clementine and apple juice. Sorry no picture. 

Lunch: A homemade veggie burger on Ezekiel 4:9 tortilla, sprinkled with low fat cheddar cheese (theme of the day, I guess) and Organic Ville Tangy BBQ sauce with my favorite Green Monster Smoothie. 

                            I know the picture is terrible, but the food was yummy and hit the spot. I really need to work on my food photography.     Shy Whistler  

Snack: Larabar, Peanut Butter cookie – my favorite flavor. 

I haven’t introduced my babies yet so I thought I would start with Schotzie. This is his “I am a turtle” impersonation. He understands my running motto: Be the turtle. I am not a fast runner but I get the job done. 




Even dogs run on Dunkin?


We will meet Noah later. 

Eat Well. Run Well. Be Well,



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