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our own olympics + drinks & eats

Posted Aug 12 2012 8:55pm
Remember how I said I was going to write my next post on nutrition and the endurance athlete?  Yeah, that was a lie. Sorry(ish). I've had enough of nutrition for 24 hours. I had to do a discussion board, THREE quizzes, and a test all in the lat 24 hours, so I would like a tiny break from my book.  I promise it's coming soon though.  Instead, I'll talk about far less intelligent things (as per usual).

Let's start with olympic shenanigans.  Who watched the men's marathon this morning?! We had grand plans to run with runnerbro and sis this morn and got sucked in as we were getting ready.

yep, this would be a picture of them on my TV.  So classy, I know.

It got sooo good right as we were going to leave and we just had to stay to see the end.  The Uganda guy was INCREDIBLE, as was Meb. Even Ryan thought it was a pretty phenomenal race. Since we were too late to meet up with them (they were on a tight schedule), we opted to do our own Olympic 5k race just the two of us. It wasn't so much a race - we went a little slower, Ryan had to walk for a second, and I had a scary almost run-in with a car (a guy who just wasn't paying attention). However, we did the most important part: the celebration at the end. We didn't have a US flag, so we opted to use a flag towel that Ryan got from work.
I got the "gold" so I went first. Do you like all my BRIGHT colors? The shorts are new purple nike compressions, that I got for 11 bucks yesterday!

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