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Our Light Was On! Freaky Friday!

Posted Jan 11 2009 5:31pm
After work I had a great 20 minute massage, deep tissue, and much needed. It was a good pain, if you know what I mean. I left feeling refreshed and relaxed. Afterward, I was on to the house to make some dinner and wait for the kiddos.

When I walked up to the door I saw our beautiful little pumpkin all lit up.

Hubby and I decided to stay home and hand out treats to the trick-or-treaters and we were the ONLY ones with the lights on, on our block. So we had TWO kids come to our house, now what do we do with all the leftover candy!!! Well at least dinner was fabulous:) We made some homemade pizza, well almost all homemade.

We bought a three pack pizza kit at Costco, and made it tonight. I think that homemade pizza is the perfect pre-race dinner. It has a well balanced amount of protein, complex carbs, fats and plenty of veggies. The kit comes with a whole wheat crust, and pizza sauce. I don't put cheese on mine because it hurts my tummy. So I made it a his and hers pizza. Half bbq chicken with tomatoes Annie's BBQ Sauce (I love this stuff!), red and yellow peppers. The other half was a chicken parm with mozz cheese, marinara, and chicken. It was yummy.. I wanted to eat it right off the rack! I added some salad to the side as well.
As you can see we need a pizza pan!

Well, we waited we watched the Food Network's Haunted Gingerbread House Challenge, so fun. We waited and waited...played with Bosco, and waited no luck with the kiddos, so now we have all of this candy in our house and I am leaving for the weekend I better hide it from the

Our front door with NO kids...:(

Off to bed, a very early Halloween night. Hope it pays off tomorrow morning!
Man this day has gone by so quick it's FREAKY, I am barely sitting down to blog.

Well let me do a mini recap on last night.

Got home and changed super fast because I went to a power yoga class at a new gym down the street. The class we an hour long and there were only about 6 of us so it was kind of like a private session. It was ok until these other women in the class started laughing, a little hard to hold poses and concentrate with all the noise. After we were done, I kinda wanted was free I can't complain.

After yoga the hubby and I decided to stay home from study and spend some quality time with each other. We didn't know what to eat for I decided to take a look through the cupboards and see what we had. I decided to finally try and make some tofu. I have had it in the fridge for a week now, and it was about time I gave it a try. I have had tofu before and I love it, but I have never cooked it myself. I just through in the sauce pan, added a little evoo and some seasoning salt(added a little too much because it was too salty). I added some Annie's BBQ sauce to the tofu and it tasted just fine. On the side I cooked up some brussel sprouts,hubby made organic mac and cheese, and some black eye peas. I know it was a weird combination but very filling.
This morning I got up at 5am, and was contemplating going to an hour spin class.It's my last day on my free 7 day past, so I thought what the heck I better go. The only reason I was thinking of not going was because I was worried that my legs would be too sore and that I would feel it during the race tomorrow. So I just did 40 minutes of the class and then some free weights and ab work out. I feel ok today, so I think that was the best move!
It was Halloween soforbfast I made a bloddy mess!!! Here it is:

Because hubby and I are going to Memphis for Thanksgiving, I decided to find a local race there and run it. Hey why not race on vacation, it's what I love to do! I found a race on the 27 th at 9am, it's called the Memphis Turkey Trot!!! So I could run and then stuff myself with goodies:) I hope it works out.

Well it's the night before my race, and Halloween so once again my plans are conflicted. For all YOU racers out there you must KNOW what I mean about sacrificing either Friday nights or Saturday nights for early long runs or long races. We got invited out to a couple parties, but I sadly had to decline because of my 4:30am wake up call!!! O' well I ll party at 9am tomorrow, when it's all over:) I will post result's on Sunday, because I want to spend as much time with Ray Hay as possible! Have a safe and Happy Halloween....the hubby and I will be at our house for the first time this Halloween so we can't wait to see all the trick or treaters!
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