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Posted Jan 05 2010 1:06pm

For some strange reason I decided to punish myself at the start of the New Year and try out P90X. (I know it’s a late night infomercial, but several people at work have tried it and they swear by it.) To make it easier I pushed it to my Apple TV so I can hide in the back basement by my treadmill and bike trainer. Because no one wants to see me try to do moves like the frog squat, the Heisman, the rocker and super lunges. I have gotten up early the last two days and done the first two workouts. The first one wasn’t too bad because I wasn’t using too much weight. Today kicked my a$$. It was all jumping and squatting for an hour. I was sweating like I just ran a half marathon. I am definitely feeling it. My goal is not to get big, but lose more weight and get lean so I can go faster, further. I’m going to try and run a maintenance run tonight and also start adding more trainer rides.

Santa was good to me and brought me a Garmin 310TX

(Not my hand. There would be icicles hanging off of it)

I know I was a Nike+ guy. Loved the music and mileage counter combined, but its accuracy varied so I decided to move up to what the big boys use. I also picked up the foot sensor and bike speed and cadence sensor so I hope this little device will improve my performance over the next year. I still need to play with it more to get a feeling for it. I still will be running with my iPod or iPhone. Maybe I will get some Bluetooth sunglasses so I can go wireless headphones as well.

I have started my race list. Right now it’s currently too large. Last year I went for quantity and my quality didn’t hold up. I might go for fewer races this year and better times and experiences.

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