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Organismic Spreadsheets

Posted Nov 14 2012 12:00am
I mentioned on Monday how much I love spreadsheets.  I FLOVE SPREADSHEETS!  I get a kick out of formulas and number manipulation.  Call me weird, but to an engineer it's totally organismic!

Earlier this year I created a whole spreadsheet workbook with links and whatnot that became my training log.  It's nothing special but allows me to track my swim/bike/run/other distances and hours.  Recently, I built an even more powerful tool into it that just makes me giddy with excitement.

I mentioned that Dave and I joined the YMCA.  When we were members of Lifetime Fitness we were naive and didn't really know how much we were spending on our membership nor did we realize how much money we were wasting when we didn't go to the gym.  The fee blindly came out of our credit card every month and since we never checked, we didn't realize that we were spending a lot of money! While the Y is cheaper, it's still not all that inexpensive, so I wanted to make sure we were (a) using it and (b) getting the most out of our money.  So I added some rows and some formulas to my spreadsheet and now I'm calculating monthly costs per trip to the YMCA.  Oh, it is so exciting.  :)

The 'Y' stands for YMCA. I put a 1 in when either Dave or I goes to the gym. A 2 means we both went that day.

Oh that was so good. I might need a cigarette now.
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