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Opinion #3

Posted Jun 08 2010 12:00am

Well..  Doctor opinion #3 comes from an Orthopedic Surgery who has been specializing in knees since 1986.  He taught knee anatomy at Stanford and is the team doctor for the Portland Trailblazers.  He also came recommended through Karen (SoCal ultra runner), through her doctor friend - and several others recommended his clinic.

His thought?  That my ACL is fully torn.  Even if not fully torn he said it's really difficult to recover from an MCL tear + ACL tear since they both help provide stability to each other.  An unstable ACL makes healing the MCL difficult and can make full MCL recovery a difficult thing to reach.  An MCL tear alone takes 3 months to heal.  Yikes!  He told me the tests on my ACL show no ending point (indicating full tear).  That sort of confirms what my non surgeon doc said about a definite tear and lots of laxity in the joint.  He is not a surgeon though and those guys usually recommend conservative treatment before surgery.

Dr. Roberts (#3) also said if I wait to long I could risk some permanent laxity in my MCL with all the instability currently in my knee.  At the same time, he says wait a little bit so I scheduled surgery with him on July 15th (assuming we keep that date).  That still gives me time to see how things go over the next 3 weeks when I talk to my original doctor on July 1st about go/no go on surgery which at this time is a go unless he says something awesome on the 1st to convince me otherwise.  I'm inclined to go with Dr. Roberts opinion at this point with all his experience and expertise.


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