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Open Mic Friday: Kevin

Posted Jul 11 2008 4:14pm

Open_mic_fridayAfter reading Kevin's story ofwhy he runsand selecting it as theExtraOrdinary Runner story of the month, we wanted to learn more about the runner behind the story.  We're delighted to feature Kevin (akakmark99).

What is your proudest runnning moment?

My proudest running moment was my Marathon run in 2006. Crossing that finish line and earning the label "Marathon Runner" will be etched in my mind forever. No one can explain that feeling completely.

That single moment is only apparent when you cross that line. You don't fully respect a Marathoner until you are one. I experienced so much emotion from my first marathon, I wrote a story about it. I wanted to capture the essence of the run and have a way to keep it fresh in my mind. Re-reading it is like being there all over again.

What has been your toughest running moment?

My toughest running moment?  Well in 2006 it was the last 6 miles of my marathon. This year it was the last 3 miles of The Pineland Trail Challenge 25K. I trained for a half marathon and found out quickly that trail running is much much tougher. The 15.5 miles felt

more like a marathon. Another lesson learned.

I know you are overcoming an injury.  What it running related?

Actually this injury has nothing to do with my training or running.  I was hit in the face at work with a piece of steel. Broke my jaw in two places, broke my collar bone, cracked two ribs, ripped my lip open and knocked out 8 teeth. Since the wires were removed from my jaw, I have had two surgeries for repairs and have three more to go before I have "new" teeth. This includes bone graphs and implants.

What makes up your favorite running gear?

My favorite running gear consist of   my Garmen 305, my Nike plus + and my head phones. For racing, my Brooks T3 racers.

What are your future running goals?

My goals seem to change as days come and go. I have my sights set on another Marathon in 2009, I am toying with the idea of running a longer trail race, probably the Pineland Challenge 50K (as long as I have enough time for training after surgery).

Also, I want to PR the Beach to Beacon 10K. I ran a fantastic race there in 2003 and haven't been able to find that groove again. Maybe this year?

What impact has your running had on your children?

My running has definitely impacted all my children but especially my daughter who ran her first race in January.  The P F Chang half marathon in Arizona. I flew out there and ran with her. It was a great moment to cross that finish line together. We trained together Via the

phone and Nike plus. I must say, I guided her well and it showed during the last three miles of the race. By the way, this was definitely the most fun race I ran. It is pretty cool to start a race with 30,000 other runners and the bands that played at each mile marker were amazing.

What advice do your kids give you about your running?

Well my kids have stopped giving me advice Now that I have accomplished these longer and tougher races, they are asking me now. Funny how things can go in a complete circle.

What is your advice for runners, especially those starting out?                                 

Don't rush things when you first start. The experts are 100% right when they caution to take it slow and easy. The better base you build the better you will run. My biggest mistake: don't try to run fast on long slow runs, I found myself over training and that is when injuries appeared. My second mistake: not enough respect for is surely an important part of training.

What is your ultimate running dream or goal?

To be honest, my ultimate dream goal is to win a race someday even if it is just in my age group. Now I am talking a real win, not a race that no one shows up or a turn of events that "hand" me a win. I am talking about standing toe to toe with my peers and out kicking them across the finish line.

What do you do when you are not running?

I totally love to swim (I have a pool that helps), trail biking, hiking, golfing, snow shoeing, volleyball. I enjoy watching football, baseball, track (and a couple beers with the wife). One other crazy thing, I love plowing my driveway in the winter...hey I said it was crazy!

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