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#onesmallchange Supporting Workouts with Nutrition

Posted Nov 12 2013 9:49am
Today I am linking up to Marcia’s #onesmallchange post … we are committing to one small change each week till the end of of the year, to help encourage us to meet our goals by the end of the year.

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Over the past several weeks I have committed to making these changes till the end of the year
  1. no eats after 8 p.m.
  2. drink 64 ounces of water each day
  3. take my supplements
  4. uplift at least one woman each day
  5. be extra nice to a difficult woman each day
  6. have enough pre-workout fuel
I have been doing pretty well… if I do have a bit to eat after 8 p.m. it is because I am truly hungry, and I have been drinking well more than 64 ounces of water every day.   I have not skipped a day of supplements, now making sure to have them with my breakfast… the rest of the list are things that are getting to be good habits too.  Thanks to Marcia for the leadership and inspiration to keep improving… it is helping me with my one-word mantra for 2013.


So this week, my #onesmallchange is also nutrition-related.

I know that I feel better and perform at my best, and sleep well, too, when I eat properly.  For me, that means eating whole, real food… the things that we Weight Watchers call Power Foods.  They are nutrient-dense, and filling and satisfying.  Fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, healthy oils, fat free dairy products… (and they advise whole grains if you do eat grains, which I don’t).  I am going to be concentrating on eating Power Foods and limiting sugar and alcohol to a much greater degree than I have been recently.

And I am taking it one step further, by following Tom Venuto’s suggestion in his new book (yet to be released) called Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, to consume a daily combination of 20% fat, 35% protein and 45% carbs. This is in order to compliment my workouts with a more strict adherence to my nutrition.  He also suggests eating real, whole foods, and I am so happy that his advice backs up the advice that Weight Watchers offers.

I am sure I will be seeing even better results!

Do you follow a particular food plan or are you more of an intuitive eater?

Do you count macros or track your food intake?

What is #onesmallchange you could make this week?
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