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One Unhappy Non-Runner

Posted Nov 06 2012 5:58am
Well, well, well, 'twas as bad as I thought. After explaining my symptoms and telling the doc that I've already taken ten days off running, he just looked at me and said: 'Ten days? That's nothing. You should make it at least a month!'

A month of no running??? And yes, I realize that statement coming from me must sound pretty outrageous for anyone who knows me from way back when. How things have changed...

The worst is that, just like I expected, there's no diagnosis. It's 'probably' just my tendons and ligaments 'overloaded' after all the running that I did throughout the summer and fall. How's that for an explanation? I wanted scans and X-rays and a definitive answer. All I got was to take more time off and 'maybe' try some ibuprofen.... BLEURGH!!!

I'm feeling incredibly frustrated about the whole thing. I was seriously looking forward to a fun-month of running. Just one month of running where and when and how far I wanted to, without being tied to a training plan. Plus, with loads of stuff happening in the Two Itchy Feet household, I really need my headspace-time.

So, I'm feeling seriously not happy right now!

I know that not resting and risking aggravating my foot further just isn't worth it. But that doesn't mean that I have to be all grown up about it... just yet!

So I'm gonna go and be pathetic and sulk a little longer. 

In the meantime, send me some happy thoughts and tell me something good that's happening in your life (don't tell me how much/far/long you've run though or I'll unfriend you!!!) so I can live vicariously through you. Thanks.
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