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Posted Sep 23 2010 4:37pm

Perspective. It's a funny thing.

Today, I whined to Rich: "Ughh, I feel so FAT and LAZY"

He rolled his eyes at me (for the record, I don't think I'm fat, I was just feeling, you know, like a slug), but obliged in conversation.

"You aren't fat, and you are far from lazy, why are you saying this?"

Me (in my most dramatic voice, seriously, I was kind of whining): "because I haven't worked out in two DAAYYYYSSS"

Rich: blank stare "uhhhh....didn't you run 5 miles on Sunday?"

Me: "yes, but..."

Rich: " and didn't you run, like, 10 miles or something on Monday?"

Me "only 9, but..."

Rich: "only ? (insert more eyeball rolling) and didn't you get on the bike Tuesday?"

Me "well yeah, but it was an easy spin, and..."

Rich: "Do you realize you worked out more this week than a lot of people do in like, an entire year?"

Me: Nothing. I had nothing. He's right.

I would not call myself obsessed with running and working out, I just really really really like it. You know, A LOT. My world does not end if I miss a run. I am not unbearable to be around if I had to skip the gym. But like it or not, I physically just don't feel the same without the workouts. And you know what? I LOVE that. I remember a time when I WISHED I could feel this way. I wonder what the world would be like if everyone felt that way...just as we all feel hunger and thirst, we all felt that urge to get out there and GET MOVING. The world would be a better place, no doubt about it.

I know the majority of you reading this agree. But if you are one of those looking to start running, start working out, and are currently giving your computer screen a puzzled look, thinking "this chick is crazy"...let me assure you, this feeling can be yours too! Just get out there. Get moving. Believe it. It doesn't happen over night, but I promise, one day it happens. Nothing good comes easy, but it's worth all the pain and struggle of that first week or two of "just starting". So get out there!

And hey, Courtney at "I CAN DO THIS" ....don't miss your next run, because you'll be running in your choice of a new pair of Brooks shorts or jacket ! Woooo! Congrats girl! You were lucky #170 picked by Email me your address at heathergannoe (at)

Thanks to all of you who entered! Stay tuned, there are many more awesome giveaways that I'm super excited for coming up in the next month!!
Happy running friends :)
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