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One of my ice cleats came off during my run

Posted Nov 17 2008 9:07pm

I was expecting a lot of ice on the path, because the temperature was in the teens last night and was still below 32 (F) when I began my run. Also, we had a bit of snow during the night. I thus put on my ice cleats. However, by the time I began my run, the snow had been plowed from the path by the city folks, and patches of snow that had been left were melting due to the warm asphalt. I quickly realized I didn't need the cleats, because the path was mostly clear of snow and ice, although it had a lot of water on it from melting snow. There were some patches of ice, and I left the cleats on. However, during the last quarter mile, I took the cleats off and navigated around the few icy spots.

Just before I reached my 2.5 mile turn-around, I discovered one of my ice cleats had come off. I back tracked and found it about 100 yards away. I had put that cleat on without taking my shoe off, and I didn't get it pulled enough over the sole of the shoe. The cleats have a rubber "web" that fits over the toe, heel, and soles of the shoe. The other cleat didn't come off, because I had put that one on after I took my shoe off, and I had it pulled over the sole far enough that it stayed on. Lesson learned to take shoes off to put on the cleats.

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