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One month down, two months out

Posted Sep 05 2012 10:57pm
58 days until the New York City Marathon , and all I can say is: Thank God it won't be this hot and humid up there in November. Bring on the bridges.

I've changed clothes during three of my long runs. This is ridiculous.
For the most part, I feel pretty good about my first month of training. I'm nowhere near as fast as I'd like to be, but I haven't skipped or cut a single run short based on the plan . Mileage-wise, I feel caught up. Yay.

While I do feel like I'm getting faster with my midweek runs, especially now that I'm doing speedwork once a week, I can't say the same for my long runs. The club runs have had a crowded start, it's been so hot before 7 a.m., and although ~9:45 pace hasn't felt easy, I know I can and should be pushing myself to do them slightly faster. I ran a 1:45 half and broke four hours in the marathon both less than a year ago. The injury is well behind me and PRs don't grow on trees. 3:50 might end up being a long shot, but beating my best time, 3:58:29, shouldn't be, so it's time to pick it up.

Thanks to some overscheduling in my non-running life, last week's mileage got moved around to the point that I ran 54 miles in eight straight days. Not record-breaking by any means, but it was definitely too much, too soon for me, considering I was shooting to peak at 55 miles when I'm less than a month away from Race Day. Dumb mistake.

This time I was prepared for the long run aftermath.
Since my legs were feeling dead even before Monday's 18 miles, I turned to speedy New York runner friend/unofficial coach Megan for some advice on the next long run, which would have been 20 miles this Saturday. Since she was successful in trying this out last week, she suggested I instead run 10 miles easy on Saturday and 10 miles with some at marathon goal pace (8:45) on Sunday. This seems far less daunting and I feel like I can breathe a little sigh of relief about postponing 20 straight.

Next week I'll run my first of five races during training, and I'm anxious to finally incorporate some tempo runs and hill workouts into my training this month. Hopefully 3:57:59 (or, you know, 2:52:32 by Paul Ryan's standards ) won't feel so out of reach much longer.

UPDATE: In other news, I think I just spotted a unicorn: NYRR is bringing back bag check at the marathon . Though you now only get a poncho and an extra shirt if you don't do it. I have the sadz (not really). Woot!
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