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On The Sideline and Healing

Posted Dec 06 2009 6:51am

You don’t find much on how to handle the emotional side of a running injury. Maybe I’ve taken it just too hard. Probably would look like that to a non-runner.  But, it has been 9 weeks since I’ve last ran and my body is screaming for adrenalin.   Jeez !  Really a stress fracture!

Of all the running injuries one could get this one is troubling. They are hard to diagnose, don’t show up on x-rays, and arrive without notice. They are easily mistaken for other shin splint troubles so they continue to get worst as you try to run thru them.  Look Don’t ! Not until  you have at least a real good idea of why your lower legs are hurting.

Let me go further. Stress fractures cause local pain but also give you a diffused pain in the whole leg.  A real ache and deep not like a muscle pain. Sometimes the pain feels phantom as if there is no reason or you can’t put your finger on why or quite where it is coming from.  My pain felt very foreign. During my last run, the pain got so knifing that I just pulled up lame and walked back to the car. This thing wasn’t playing around

So now at this point I am worried,  because my worst fears has come true and I’m off the road til who knows when and it’s hard to take cause man I just love to run. I tried the stationary bike and elliptical but it seemed to aggravate the injury and slow recovery time. Most general practitioners will recommend these as a means to keep in shape because they think a stress fracture is a pounding injury, but, the truth is it is a torsional injury from over pronation. The only safe activity is upper body strength training which doesn’t really get me and keep me motivated.

What I really want to do is run. But, the cost right now could be a complete fracture hard to heal and an end to ever running again.  That’s too high a price.  But like Tom Petty said “The waiting is the hardest part”. The frustration is incomparable. Only time can heal it now.  I have gained back a few pounds ! UGH ! So I continue to stay engaged in my training in other ways. Catch up on some book purchases, buy some new shoes to plan my re entry with, and treat the leg with the Exogen 4000, ice and Ibuprofen and start a blog.

Now the Good News. Each week the pain gets less. The overall diffused pain is gone  and I can see my self running again. One can feel hopeless at times with this  type of injury. Because it is serious. Your leg looks like a cracked hard boiled egg and the looming threat can be depressing. None of what running is supposed to bring you.

Listen… where they recommend the walk jog method USE IT! It will keep most of you injury free. My problem is I think young so I run young and it came back to bite me. I will get over this and be back on the road soon. Until then you just have to put up with a cranky old penguin with a cracked leg.

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