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On my way to Thailand. Working ...

Posted May 22 2009 11:50pm

Cimg2419 On my way to Thailand.  Working on packing.  Had to post about our adventurous run this morning. 

I had mapped out a 12 mile run thanks go gmaps satellite feature.  The problem with those maps is that you can find trail but don't know anything else about them.  Charlie, Eric, Keira, Wendy and myself set off on our run just before 7AM.  As we passed through Riley Wilderness Park we had made a wrong turn and got back on track.  Eventually we found our way to a gate with barbed wire on both sides so we did what any good trail runner would do - climbed over.

We continued down a fireroad and piles of cow manure.  There was a heard of cattle somewhere but where?  The run and road were beautiful.  We even went past some groomed farming fields.  Were we still in Orange County??  Somewhere along the way as we were running past large private citrus groves we realized we had missed the turn that would have taken us into Caspers Wilderness Park.  We kept running down the road anyway and figured we could turn around eventually.


The dirt road turned to pavement and I had to start walking because my foot is not fully healed.  We had planned to run to the end of the road and turn around.  Only problem was the ranch hands drove past and asked us to leave.  Yes we were on private Irvine Ranch land and got kicked off!  What an adventure. 

We had to run up the long hill on Antonio Parkway - most of which I had to walk since it was mostly paved shoulder and sidewalk.  We detoured to the daycare center where Charlie's wife was dropping off their children.  We all hopped into the truck and rode back to our cars at the trailhead.  Charlie rode in the back and now might have a new nickname - Trunk Monkey.


I think I ended up with 7 or 8 miles and about 23 for the week which is my highest weekly mileage since early December.  Just in time to leave for my trip! :)

Happy Running & Dirty Feet
(don't forget to watch out for cattle)

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