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On My Mind

Posted May 25 2013 10:00pm
Today's post was going to be all about running, upcoming races and training. In light of some other more important things that have been on my mind and heart this week though, I decided to put that particular post on hold for now.

This will most likely be very rambling for a couple of reasons. Number one--as I have said before and as you KNOW if you have read my prior posts--I am NOT a writer, I just have a LOT of stuff running through my head that I need to get OUT!! Number two--I seem to be a roller coaster of emotions right now.

So much on my mind today. I had several conversations with people over the past few days who were in Boston for the recent bombings and of course, that brought back a lot of sadness, and anger. I pray for peace and healing for everyone still struggling both physically and emotionally in the aftermath of the bombing horror. I LOVE Boston and I LOVE running and I still sometimes feel as though that horrible tragedy at the finish line was a bad dream--and I know that for so many--it was truly a living nightmare.


A Team Hole in the Wall runner with her son who  ran out to greet his Mom at the Team Cheer Zone

At the Cheer Zone shortly before we got the call about the bombs.

Boston--just after the bombing.

Then, there were the horrible tornadoes in Oklahoma a few days ago. So much devastation and many deaths. My niece, Dana lives in Luther, OK and we were worried about her. She is safe, but she is a horse owner/lover and she is not only very sad for the loss of lives and homes, but of so many horses lost. It also sounds as if there will be more storms moving through that area over the next few days.

Very much on my mind is a sweet little baby--Sawyer Murphy. 

Sawyer was born 2 weeks ago to Ashlyn Davenport Murphy and her husband Josh. This little guy was born with Tetralogy of Fallot with Absent Pulmonary Valve Syndrome. Ashlyn's parents, Keven and Amy are friends from our time in Lawrenceville, GA and Central Baptist Church. I've known Ashlyn since she was a little girl and it breaks my heart to think of her and her family going through the pain of watching little Sawyer fight for his life. Sawyer had open heart surgery on Tuesday, which they had known for awhile would be needed soon after his birth. The little guy came through the surgery, but he still has a fight on his precious little hands. I pray that this little warrior will come through this and that his family will manage to stay strong as well. They have a very strong Christian faith, but I'm sure they are struggling with a few "Why's" right now--no matter how deep their faith. You can follow this little family on Ashlyn's blog. They can use all of the support and prayers they can get.
Ashlyn's blog

As much as I grieve over the loss of lives in Boston and in Oklahoma, and as much as I hate that my good friends are going through the pain and heartache associated with watching baby Sawyer struggle and fight for his life--I do very strongly believe that there is always some good that comes along everyday!

There is something good and beautiful in everyday.....
It's up to us to find it!

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