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On Having 3........A Guest Post

Posted Mar 05 2013 7:00am

Hey gals, I'm Julie & I blog over at From Awkward To Art !
 I am so extremely honored that Hanna asked met to guest post the first day she met me.
I am not kidding. I was floored. Wow, am I that trustworthy. But in the short time I have
talked to Hanna, I love her already.

She mentioned maybe me talking a little bit about how I do it with 3 kids? I was mulling over that a little bit and I thought "Hmmm, how do I do it?" Haha. Quite honestly, my life is messy and I can't keep up. I don't work. I stay at home with one of my kids still, I babysit a few days a week and I blog and do volunteer work for my church. To most people, I am guessing that you might think, "wow, she doesn't work, she only has one kid at home and she can't keep up? Try working a job with 3 kids." It really started aggravating me as I started getting a better handle on blog world, on pinterest, on all the DIY-ers out there... and I can't even seem to make a pen and paper chore chart.  Seriously, I keep saying to myselfand my husband, 'We need to make our kids a chore chart.  They need to start doing more stuff around this house." 

I would love to show you pics where my kids are pefect and posed, where my son is smiling normal. But let's face it, this is his normal smile. As hard as I try to get it to change,  it doesn't and I love him for it.
 But thanks to pinterest, a pen and a piece of paper just won't cut it for me. I need it fancy. The only problem is I don't have the time or money to do fancy. And even if I did, it would never stay fancy in my house. Fancy NEVER stays in my house. My daughters are like two little tornadoes. I wish I could describe it. Saturday morning, when both girls are home,  I let them wake up whenever they want which is usually like 6am. I get out of bed about 8am. By the time I have awoken, every single piece of clothing is off its hanger and laying on the floor, every bucket of toys is dumped (there are five), every hair accessory is dumped (they have a bucket), all shoes are out of the closet, all towels and blankets and pillows in the house are laying on their  floor or as some sort of path from the floor to the downstairs, and all clothes in drawers (ALL)
are out and drawers left open with the few remaining tights and underwear dangling over the top. This is my weekend life. On Monday morning I clean it all up and throughout the week, as the 7 kids I have in and out of  my house throughout the week go through it, it gradually gets worse and worse, until Saturday hits again, and the storm rages.

THIS is why I don't have the time, I am exhausted and I can't keep up. For a long time, I felt like I didn't measure up to all of you wonderful bloggers. I really did. But after awhile, honestly I start know what? I love my messy life. I try to keep it clean. I really do, but it's just not. Not for very long anyways. And I kept telling myself "Sheesh, give yourself a break. Stop comparing yourself to  other people's pictures. How many women can do what YOU do and have 7 kids in and out of their house all week? Not a lot. At least not without losing your sanity." So, this is how I do it. I accept it. Accept that there are plenty of things that I do that other  people wouldn't or couldn't do. Accept that I am not super human. Accept that I try. And accept that once in awhile I need a break too.

All you beautiful bloggers out there. Just be who you are!! Do what you can!! Love your kids and laugh with them... Don't worry so much about perfect pictures of them so you can post them. Capture the mess and embrace it... And gosh, more power to you if are a wonderful cook or DIY-er...with 7 kids at your house! I might have to hire you to help me out.. wink wink ;)
Thanks again to the beautiful Hanna for letting guest post and Congrats on your new baby!!

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