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On Being Human

Posted Nov 21 2012 4:26am

Austin has been liberating. After quite the year, it really has become clear that everything does happen for a reason. I was meant to be in this city, I was meant to live my dreams. But, Austin has not treated my waistline or stomach very well, recently.

I love food. There is no denying this. I love to make food, taste new foods, find exotic restaurants, discover the local and amazing cuisine. Austin, has one of the best culinary markets in the country. So many locally owned and off the beaten path restaurants and markets.. I stopped paying attention to the nutritious value of what I was putting into my body, and instead began focusing on the taste and experience.

I mean, who doesn’t fall into this habit a little bit when in a new city? Especially one full of so much delicious food. Then, I had a rude awakening when I stepped on a scale at the gym the other morning. I had to go see in the mirror and I can’t believe I was in denial this long. I can’t believe I let it get this far!!!!

See, it shocks people that I’m so into fitness but I hate scales. They’re dangerous y’all. I will get fixated on a number if I have a scale in my home. I will freak about going up one stupid pound when I know otherwise it doesn’t actually matter. That numbers aren’t what’s important. Logically, I know that… But If I own a scale… All logic goes out the window.

But this is more than just numbers. This is big. For me. Since moving to Austin I have gained 15 lbs. Freshman fifteen? No, more like then ATX15. It happened so quickly too. That’s the worst part. A month ago, just before I moved here I was at my lowest ever weight (since being an adult) and now I am at my highest ever weight.

I don’t have a body shot of me from October but this was August

I was stunned by what I saw when I finally really looked in the mirror. I could hardly recognize the person looking back at me. It was like a disoriented photo of myself. You know those apps you can download on your phone that make you look like you’re in a fish bowl.. or fat..

I’ve enjoyed living life without worry, I enjoyed my week off of running..But now it’s time to get my ass in gear. Especially because, not only am I disgusted with how I look and feel in my own skin… I can also see my current ways of eating taking a toll on my digestive system. As a girl who has always prided herself in not very often getting sick to my stomach, I have been nauseous several times in the last few weeks. I noticed yesterday, that it only happens after piling complete crap into my mouth…Time to Watch the foods I put into my body and get my butt back to the weight machines .

However, I am going to do it the healthy way. I mean, yo-yo dieting , from the Atkins diet to the pineapple diet (where you consumed large quantities of pineapple because pineapple would “eat” away the extra fat you were carrying), over exercising, diet pills, , and excessive calorie restriction isn’t exactly the yellow brick road to optimal health.

Making healthy choices for the rest of your life, bring you to optimal healthy. A perfect balance of nutritious foods, exercise and sleep. Which brings me to the Paleo “diet”… The Paleo Diet takes from the types of foods people ate prior to the Agricultural Revolution. Focusing on fruits, vegetables, lean meats & seafood.  Cutting the consumption of dairy, grains, refined sugars, saturated& trans fats and processed foods .

The Paleo diet sort of frowns on wine and beer. However, I’m doing a more 90% paleo type of eating. I’m realistic. I love my wine, I am not perfect, and I’m a big believer in just being human. Being human is what has brought me to this point. I have made some of the healthiest decisions of my life — like becoming a runner and moving to Austin. I’ve also made some of the least healthy decisions, like indulging too much thus gaining 15 lbs, and not being 100% sure how I got home Saturday night… ;)

Life happens, and I’m human. The biggest key of this flinestones way of life is to consume as much whole, real food as possible. Roughly a 30:30:40 ratio of protein, healthy fats and (produce based) carbs during my highest peaks of training.

My priority though? Just eliminate processed and refined foods. The ratios I will figure out throughout the course of my training. So long as what I’m putting in my body is clean and whole, that’s all I’m concerned with.

I don’t want to just be happy with what I see in the mirror. I want to be proud of how I got there, and how I continue to stay there.

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