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Old Man Winter

Posted Oct 01 2009 2:12pm

HAPPY DECEMBER 21st EVERYONE! Those of you who know me know that I am entirely miserable in knowing that it is now officially winter. I HATE winter. Hate it with a passion. But why am I excited for today? Because now the days start to get longer again and as each day passes us by, we'll be treated to a little bit more sunlight in our lives. That is of course, if mother nature allows the sun to come out.

Believe it or not, some folks still do not have power from last weeks (12/11) devastating Ice Storm. My mother got power back last night (12/20) at 6:30 PM, bringing to an end her 9 day stretch of being powerless. It has been an amazing time here in New Hampshire. I joked with someone how it is easy to see who still didn't have power. They would be the edgy ones. The ones who cannot operate without one simple thing in their lives. It is easy to see who would die first if the shit really hit the fan and survival of the fittest came into play.

And so it happened... overnight, winter reared its ugly head here in New Hampshire. On Friday we were treated to 8" of fresh powdery snow, which was followed by negative zero wind chills and flurries for an entire day Saturday. Just when we hoped it would be done, BAM! We're getting hammered with Blizzard conditions with a forecasted storm total of 10-18 inches today. Tonight snow is falling between 2-3 inches per hour and it's thundering.. yes... a phenomena we get from time to time in New Hampshire known as "Thundersnow."The trails... the trails are gone. I am now officially relegated to running the roads. This is indeed a sad time for me... but I'll make the best of it.

I was hoping to get up North today to kick off the Winter Peak-Bagging season in the Whites. But, as is with the rest of my hiking friends, the storm has kept many of us at home. I'm going to try to get out and hike a lot more this winter as my winter goals are tailored towards long days on my feet. This is the time of year when training NOW plays a vital role in how the year progresses later. Especially so for someone like me who likes to race a lot. The amount and kind of training I am able to do throughout the winter months, helps me recover better and continue to train between races in the summer. The last two months so far has been out of sorts. While my running in November was WAY down, it allowed me the chance to rest and recover for a change. I've accomplished much in these last 4 years and my body deserved a break. BUt now it's on. I am back to running 4-5 days a week and I'm hitting the gym twice a week. I'm strengthening my base-line fitness, I'm strengthening and conditioning my core and I'm getting ready for whatever 2009 will iron itself out to be. Until then, it's all going to start with a surgery on December 30th... and I've frosted my hair to celebrate the days getting longer!

Man do I look like hell...
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