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Old Habits

Posted Apr 30 2011 3:32pm

Yesterday at my local market, I spotted this employee on her break. I know it's cruel but I just had to take her picture....poor lady. She's eating a candy bar and smoking a 95 degree weather!!! Yuck! Old habits are hard to break.

Speaking of old habits. I've recently gotten some facials and a micro in an attempt to get back my youthful skin. Then I go and do this!?!?! It's the whole reason I moved to Arizona (I kid you not), I'm such a dingy. It's a hard habit to break laying out. I started back in 1980 at the whopping age of THREE. :) So I guess when I'm in my 50's you can take pictures of me and blog about my gross, leather skin and age spots the size of Donald Trumps head.

Allthough I didn't follow my original workout plan to the T this week, I got plenty of exercise in. I ran 3 days and did weights 3 days. I also biked one day and again, I'm in the process of moving so I have stayed super mobile. I do need to make sure I get my yoga and pilates in next week, maybe even later today.
Results:I am feeling great though, no more getting sick from over eating or eating unhealthy foods. I am seeing results and so is Big Papa and the kids. I'm discovering my ankles, knees, wrists and ribs again. I tend to gain my weight all over, so it (kind of) snuck up on me. It's like if I still fit in my jeans then the scale must have been wrong. Not so. I also don't find the need to wear lots of make-up. I slowly started wearing more over the years, thinking it's necessary because of aging. Ummm, no! I think it's just because my face was getting rounder so I thought I needed the make up to look better. Now, (though I still have a long way to go), I am comfortable again with just a tiny bit. Love it!!!
My weekend: It's looking better than I thought it would. Last night Big Papa and I had a date night in our room {as in rented a movie and then watched Michael's final episode on The Office}. I had a great workout, this morning, read my book by the pool (all alone), and hopefully I'll get  a nap in and go out with the hubs tonight. I decided to take a break from moving today.
Questions : How are you all doing on your workouts? Do you remember to stretch? What are some of your bad habits???
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