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Oh Hiiiiiii! I'm back, yet again

Posted Aug 06 2013 11:58am
Dear Blog Readers,

I am still alive. Man where has the time gone? I have been super busy with a new job and life and not being the super fit Ashley that we all know and love (right?). Well I had a wake up call last weekend when a Bridesmaid dress I ordered a few months ago didn't fit. Aside from miscommuications and the dress running small it still depressed me for days. I cannot ruin one of my best friends wedding over my constant struggle of weight gain/loss. Dress situation is being fixed but it still feels shitty! I have finally accepted that I "can't eat like everyone else" and I need to just buckle down and do it. This involves tracking food and eating clean. Its the only way it works for me. How many times have I said it? A million. But every time I try again is worth something, so that is what I am going to do. I am back to Paleo (For me cheese and bread are a huge problem) and working out daily. I cannot run like I used to and I need to get back to marathon shape. I am running the 2014 NYC marathon. Wouldn't it be awesome to have dropped all the weight and win it? (Kidding). So I am committing to posting frequently again. I am on day two of Paleo and exercising and I am feeling motivated! I hope you all have missed me. I have certainly missed you!

Lots of love, let's do this!


PS. A little weight loss humor for you. Happy Tuesday!

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