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oh hey dead legs and how to train your pup for a 5k

Posted Jun 28 2011 12:00am
I had huge plans today that involved doing some mean speedwork on the mill to get me to that PR for my race on Sunday.  It didn't happen.  My legs?  They had other plans.  They decided they wanted to be uncooperative and feel like dead weight.  It happens.  I figured why push it if they aren't feeling it?  I still did two miles on 1% incline in 16:21.  I'd take it.  Nothing to write home about but I'd still take it.  I ended up doing 10 minutes on the bike (the hlll workout, kilimanjaro), weights, my knee exercises, and some reverse leg curls.  Oh they kill me.  Overall the whole workout felt lackluster, but a workout is still better than doing nothing.

Since it was nice out, we opted to take Gizzy for a walk after dinner.  I was a dork and decided to wear my garms.  Gizmo was sooo excited when he saw the leash.
He was ready and rarin to go!

 I joked that I was training him to do a 5k and that's why I was wearing the garms (in reality I just like to know how far we walk with him and I may have a slight obsession with it).  He is a space head when he walks and gets distracted sooo easily.  We would walk then randomly I'd make him start running saying, "Gizzy, time for your sprints"  and "that's not race pace!"  Yes, I'm a nerd, but I was having a good time and he was enjoying burning off all his energy.  He's got little legs, so he got tired out pretty quick.  He powered through though and did 1.06 miles in 18:25.  Yay, Gizmo, you're on your way to a 5k!  Hehe.  
Photos were posted from the race on Saturday, I found mine and snapped a pic of's not my worst but I kind of look like, "Hey, I'm running a race?  When did that happen?!"
I'm clearly so so confused lol
Tomorrow will be a rest day as I work 8a-830pm.  I am NOT looking forward to a 12.5 day, oy.  I predict copious amounts of caffeine.  I'm hoping that the day off will help refresh the legs as I'm running in hines with the other Megan on Thursday (fingers crossed all goes according to plan this time).  
Clearly I had nothing important to say today - bear with me, I apparently have a dead brain today too.  Amuse me and answer these qs:
-Do you run with your pet?  Are they a good running buddy?
-What's the best way you refresh dead legs?  Rest or something else?
-Tell me something exciting as I clearly am lacking thoughts tonight!
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