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Obama Versus Romney, Who Is the Winner?

Posted Nov 06 2012 8:32am

When the election day comes, the final result will soon be announced. So if you are hesitating on which canditates should be voted, maybe you can look at the below blog entry, which tells about the differences in their economic plans.
No matter who wins, the most important thing is economic growth. Who will be the ideal economic booster for us (show your products via this digital magazine creator to enhance your own business)? So let's have a see what are the differences between Obama and Romney's economic plans before you vote up for anyone.

Differences in job opportunity
Obama: As the current job situation is not optimistic, the so president Obama is always doing his best to convince electors that his current economic policy works but goes slowly as desired, and there are many things need to be done in order to create more job opportunities. He announced that more than 4.4 million jobs have been created during the last two years. He planned to retain workers and stick to bolster middle class.
Romney: Different from Obama, Romney said that he has his own economic policies announcing to provide 12 million jobs if he is elected. And he plans to cut tax of smaller business.
Differences in economic growth
Obama: From Obama's speech, you may hear that he promised to boom the economy via investment in education, infrastructure, and science and high tech. He would also launch financial reform measures to prevent future financial crisis effectively.
Romney: Different form Obama's policy, Romney puts his focus on energy. He pledged that he would make the utmost of advantages in oil, nuclear, new energy resources and etc to seek energy independence in 2020.
About Debt
Obama: At this point, president Obama put forward three measures like cut government healthcare for low-income people, fair-share in tax, and increase tax of high-income ones who gets more than 250 thousands a year. As experts analyzed, his policy is effective within a short term.
Romney: Unlike Obama, Romney put emphasis on spending cut including reduce government expenditure and healthcare cost. Expert doubts that his plan can only reduce government size instead of reduce debt.

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