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Oath for Chronic Overtrainers

Posted Jul 11 2008 4:14pm

Every year I promise not to overtrain.  And then every year I do it.  You think I would be smarter about it. But there is something about the wonderfulness of running that makes me crazy in the head.  This year,one of my goalsis to run injury free.   I must admit, I am on the verge of an injury.  Why you ask - because I hit it too hard for too long and didn't allow enough recovery.   My entire body responded first by giving me a bout of insomina and then fatigue.  And after that, I got really crabby and in a weird funk.  And now, the first touch of an injury is coming on.   

So,I am taking a few days offand already feeling better.   72 hours can make all the difference.  It can mean the difference of taking a few unplanned days versus being banned from running for75 days off to heal and recover

And so I don't forget my goal this year to be injury free, I created this oath.  I have made a pact with myself not to overtrain this year.   

Are you a chronic overtrainer?  If so, raise your running shoe and repeat with me:

I {state your name},

Pledge not to overtrain this year.

I promise to listen to my body and my mind before, during and after runs.

I promise to not ignore the most classic symptoms of overtraining as I have in past years.

I promise to recognize that fatigue and/or insomina isn't just a coincidence after many long consecutive workouts and it may be a cue to add in rest and recovery.

I promise that on those days when my mind, body and soul has come up with every reason not to run or workout that I listen to the reasons instead of screaming, "come on you wimp - get moving" inside my head.

Being true to my long term running career, I promise to recognize when additional miles get me nothing but tired instead of improved performance and will adapt my schedule when my body says, "enough".

I promise that instead of getting crabby, irritable, and downright pleasant to be around - in fact so much that I even wonder what is up with me - that I will recognize that I am being lurking on the edge of overtraining.

I promise to look at my training schedule and build in rest and recovery in the form of nonrunning/cross training days as well as days off.   I promise to acknowledge the fact that even professionals have off days and recovery.

I promise to recognize and acknowledge that when my running starts declining and even the easy runs are tough that I may be overtrained and need a break and NOT do the opposite and add miles to make me "tougher".

I promise to acknowledge that the cold, flu, bug that I caught wasn't a complete unlucky coincidence that the mean nonrunning gods sent to screw up my training.  It may instead be a sign I need to slow down and rest.

And above all, I promise to take the time to ask a running friend to keep me honest about my running and call me on my overtraining when they see it happening.  And I will do the same.

I, [state your name], promise not to overtrain.  I promise to run to my potential but not past my sustainable limits.

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