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Oakley Women Take Over Napa DAY TWO – Wine n Top Knots

Posted Jul 04 2012 6:16pm

For Day one of the Oakley Women Perform Beautifully event in Napa, CA recap scoot on over here!

I had the worst time sleeping Friday night. I was just SO excited about the weekend ahead of us. I was also slightly terrified that if I went to sleep I would wake up back in Baltimore only to realize it was all just a dream. Thankfully that was not the case ;)

Saturday AM we were up n at ‘em for an action packed day of adventures through Napa Valley . The hardest part of the entire day was deciding which outfit I was going to rock out in all day long. The winner was:

Spring 2013 is all about bright colors for both Oakley Women AND Asics (Be sure to check out the Gel-Lyte 33s, Asics fans!)

After a delicious fresh-fruit breakfast we all piled into our various Toyota vehicles (specifically designed for those with an active lifestyle in mind!) and were off to Trefethen Family Vineyards to run a 5k with ASICS .

Before the race began we got to experience something way too cool for a nerd like me! We got a quick tour of the Rolling O lab, where we learned a ton of the science that goes in to making Oakley glasses. They literally proved, before our eyes that Oakley is top notch (TOP KNOT! ;) ) in the industry. They took various big name brands and put them to the same tests & Oakley came out on top after each & every one. I was seriously in science nerdy heaven.

After we piled out of the Rolling O truck we skipped over to the Garmin Clinic where we learned all about our fancy new GPS watch/heart rate monitor! After setting up our profiles, and a great stretch session lead by Deena Kastor (HI I LOVE YOU) we were off through the vineyards for the most gorgeous (and also hottest) 5k of my entire life!

We literally ran THROUGH the vineyards, y’all!! It was so beautiful that I was paying absolutely no attention to the time on my Garmin. I was just soaking it all in and enjoying the scenery as well as the company I had. I ran a really good portion of the race with the gorgeous and talented Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up. They are such dolls!! Seriously, they are the perfect balance of health, fitness, and knowing how to let loose and have a great time. I was so happy to learn that they are so outgoing and kind in person.

IT WAS SO HOT Y’ALL!! Oh my goodness. There were quite a few times I thought to myself “oh my gosh I’m never running a trail race” That stuff is no joke. But I guess the fact that it was practically 11am by the time the race started had a lot to do with it. It was in the upper 80s and there was little to no shade on the course. But I was handed a glass of wine practically right after crossing the finish line, so it was well worth it ;)

After the race we were treated to a tour of the winery before we headed back to get fitted for our Trek Bikes & Helmets. As Katrina said so gracefully, when drinking and biking, you need protection ;)

If I had to name Saturday, it would be the day of wine and top knots. However, the latter is getting a bit head of myself.

THERE WAS SO MUCH WINE. Every place we went they were literally pouring it like it was water.

With 8+ miles of hilly cycling, upper 80 degree weather, and what was easily a bottle of wine to each of our faces — I am so proud of everyone for A) Not throwing up B) Not passing out C) Not falling off our bikes. Especially during the last stretch. The stretch between the second winery and the third was the longest and hilliest. Not to mention we had the most amount of alcohol in us at that point…. But it was ALL SO WORTH IT once we arrived at the gorgeous Cliff Lede Vineyards where we were finishing off the evening with more wine & an incredible dinner set up.

How awesome are these OAKLEY champagne flutes?! (yes we got to keep them!)

I was not even remotely prepared for the incredible dinner situation that was about to take place… Even as we exited the main house to walk up through the vineyards to the distillery, I was STILL not prepared for the epic evening that was awaiting us.

That beautifully distillery is where we ate dinner, and drank our faces off through the night.

This is where the the group of Ambassadors made our way from new friends, to family. Throughout the course of dinner we talked about everything from our careers, to our goals, to traveling, to how much we love wine, alllll the way to top knots (PAUL MITCHELL WHO?! ITS ALL ABOUT THE PAGE WILLIAMS!)

Photo Credit: Abbey (Our Ambassador mommy)

The meal was amazing. Between the reds, blushes, and white wines — Kale salad, herb rubbed chicken, pasta dish that made me drool and topped allll off (with more wine) and the most deilciously moist raspberry chocolate cupcake that I considered stuffing down my shirt to bring a bunch back to my hotel room for late night drunk snacking ;)

Then… this happened.

Single Girl Problems ;)


(I may or may not be holding back tears writing this)

For some reason after our drunk booties got bussed back to the resort we thought it was a good idea to go to the hot tub, and order another bottle of wine (oh lawwwd) but it was HILARIOUS to see our bottle delivered in multiple plastic cups with lids. All we needed was some straws and we’d be sipping from juice boxes like little kids ;)

& this my friends is where I bid you goodnight.
Come back tomorrow to see our final day in Napa (WAHHHH)

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