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Nuun All Day and Nuun Energy Review & Giveaway

Posted Mar 22 2014 3:12pm

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Nuun Review&Giveaway

Hey R-Luckies! If you’ve been around my blog at all… even just for the past week, you may have read a little about Nuun! Case in Point ! ha! If you’ve been living under a rock and have no idea what Nuun is, let me tell you a little bit about them! From their :

“Nuun, pronounced “Noon,” was the first company to separate electrolyte replacement from carbohydrates. Before Nuun, if you wanted electrolytes, the result was a bottle full of sugar. With our simple, self-dissolving, sugar-free electrolyte tab, we revolutionized the sports drink forever.”

Recently I was given the opportunity to work with Nuun to bring you a product review of two of their products: Nuun All Day and their NEW Nuun Energy!

First up is Nuun All Day:

Nuun All Day EVERY DAY!

Nuun All Day is designed for just that… for you to drink all day, every day!!  It’s a natural hydration tab that provides zero sugar, under 8 calories per tab, and a blend of A, B, C, D, and E vitamins! I got to try out the Grapefruit-Orange and Blueberry-Pomegranate and although I really like the taste of both, I REALLY like the citrusy flavor of the Grape-fruit-Orange… it’s super refreshing!  I LOVE the fact that Nuun All Day has all those vitamins because, I’ll be honest, some days I really don’t get all the vitamins my body needs just from my food intake! AND just like all of Nuun’s products, it’s Gluten free and safe, fun way for your kids to drink more water!

Nuun Energy:

#GetElectrolit with Nuun Energy

Now, some of you love coffee and drink a cup when you wake up and a cup an hour before your race, but what are those of us to do that hate coffee?!  *insert huge gasp from my readers*  YES… I confess… I hate coffee! I can’t even stand the smell of it!   So how am I supposed to get that edge and better athletic performance that caffeine gives you without drinking coffee? At the beginning of March, Nuun came out with their newest product… Nuun Energy! Here’s a little blurb from the press release on March 4, 2014:

“Nuun Energy elevates your hydration with a scientifically proven formula that balances hydration and sustains energy for optimal performance. Nuun Energy has a unique blend of B Vitamins for energy metabolism, Caffeine for increased endurance output and cognition, and the same Optimal Electrolyte Blend as Nuun Active Hydration to keep you hydrated. Nuun Energy is staying true to its roots with an effervescent tablet that contains zero added sugars, under 12 calories and stored in the same popular, portable container. Nuun Energy’s mission is to redefine the energy drink market with a clean, eco-friendly alternative.”

With only 1/2 the caffiene of a cup of a coffee, Nuun Energy is safe to drink and will give you that boost your looking for! For more information I’ve snagged this picture from Nuun’s website for your educational purposes… to read it, just click the image and it’ll take you to Nuun’s website!

The tubes of Nuun Energy come with 10 tabs… they are thicker than the Nuun Active and Nuun All Day lines… my guess is the caffeine takes up more space! ;) haha!  I’ve put together a little diagram for you so you can see the difference between the three tab sizes: Nuun All Day comes with 15 tabs, Nuun Active comes with 12, and Nuun Energy has 10.

Nuun Size Difference Even though Nuun Energy only comes with 10 tabs, I think it is well worth the money! At $24 for a pack of 4, it’s the same price as a pack of Nuun Active. I don’t drink it as much as the active and All Day, so I think it’s well worth it for the boost! I’ve tried out Nuun Energy in the morning and before I’ve gone to the gym… with a 60 hour work week and still trying to work out, I’m exhausted before I even hit the weights or pavement!! It really does have the same great light taste as the other Nuun lines and I felt like it gave me the energy I needed to get in a great workout!

Ready for the Gym! Bring it on!

If you order now through Sunday (3/23) you get a free Nuun Trucker hat with any purchase!

Screenshot 2014-03-21 21.31.40  

What are you waiting for?! Go #GetElectrolit with @nuunhydration #nuunenergy!!

And just because Nuun is awesome, they are offering one of my readers the chance to win a tube of Nuun Energy in their own choice of flavor!!
All you have to do to enter is use the rafflecopter form below! Giveaway will end 3/31! Good luck!! 
*I received 2 tubes of All Day for the purpose of the product review, I bought the Energy with my own money and my opinions like always are my own!


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