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NutritionForSports24 Hydrate Review

Posted Dec 02 2011 12:34am

NutritionForSports24 was kind enough to send me another awesome product that I have now had a thorough chance of testing out before reviewing it.  I like to test the products that I receive thoroughly before reviewing them prematurely so I can get an accurate assessment of how they work for me, personally.  The second product I am reviewing by NutritionForSports24 is NutritionForSports24 Hydrate.  Basically, I like to look at NutritionForSports24 Hydrate as enhancing my water because essentially that is what it does.  It has a bunch of electrolytes in it with B-vitamins and antioxidants.  It is low-calorie if you are just looking to stick with purely water then Hydrate is perfect because it does not have much sugar in it at all and purely is for giving water a little taste with some helpful vitamins and electrolytes in it to help sustain your workout.

I used it a lot during my mid to long runs ranging from 11-16 miles.  I am one of the believers in training and practicing without consuming carb sources on certain long runs because I feel it trains your body to better deal with adverse conditions of low carbohydrates so you can handle it better when you are running low on carbs.  So, NutritionForSports24 Hydrate proved perfect for that because it has low calories and basically no carbs in it.  So, I could still stay hydrated but still get that “carb-deficient” effect that I practice sometimes on semi-long runs.  Plus, I like the taste – it is light enough that its refreshing and it doesn’t taste syrupy either.  I never experienced any intestinal discomfort or bloating with it so that was important.  I have had issues with similar things in the past but most of them had a carb-source in it.

There aren’t too many products like this on the market and I think Herbalife has a great niche product for those people that want to add a little enhancement to their water to help keep them going with antioxidants and B-Vitamins but also adding a little taste to the water to break up the monotony sometimes of just drinking plain water.  I have sort of become dependent on it now – it is my goto drink enhancement on my long runs because during long runs in training I try to practice staying hydrated but also practice “carb-starvation” which Ryan Hall actually talked about with his nutritionist on a certain level.  Obviously, I am not running on empty but just not gorging myself with carbs.  So, this niche product by Herbalife definitely fits the bill perfect for me when I want a little enhancer in my water for my long runs.

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