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nutrition...or lack thereof

Posted Aug 27 2009 11:36pm
Tell me I'm not the only runner with horrible nutrition. Horrible I tell ya!

It happens all the time. I'm talking to people about running, or boot camp, or something along those lines, and they say "wow you must eat really healthy!"

errrr...yeaaaah...sorta...not always..ummm...what were we talking about?

As an exercise and sports science major, who is always on my soap box about childhood obesity, or exercise and healthy eating, or raving about Richard Simmons and Jillian Michaels (I aspire to be as crazy as Richard and as bad ass as Jillian) I hate to admit it. I have horrible eating habits. I certainly do not lead by example when it comes to nutrition. Some days I eat like an elephant (if elephants eat hostess cupcakes and mountain dew) and other days I hardly eat at all. Blame motherhood, but I just forget to eat, until my stomach starts screaming at me out of hunger.

I KNOW how to eat healthy. I just, uhhhh, forget. Ok i'm stubborn in my old ways. Despite that fact that I fully know what it is doing to my body.

This morning I was scheduled for a 16 miler. That 16 miler fell a bit short, to a 15.17 miler. The entire run I felt kinda blaah. The entire second half my legs felt like lead, and didn't want to move forward. I started looking for reasons for the lethargy. What did I eat yesterday? Let's see, a Luna Bar for breakfast, a 20 oz Mountain Dew (arrrg i'm an addict!) ....lunch....hmm must have missed that, had half of a small salad between tables at work yesterday, then there were some tostitos and queso dip around dinner time...then there was bed.

Whaat? Seriously was that ALL I ate yesterday? No WONDER I could hardly finish my run.


It's not about the weight for me. There was a period in my life where I was very self conscious about my body. But now, I am a strong, running mom who is comfortable in her own skin. And I'll tell you what, as much as I'd like to lose these last 5 pounds from my last pregnancy, when I'm at the Taco Bell drive-thru, size 5 juniors jeans (yes I still shop at Pacific Sunwear) do NOT seem worth the sacrifice of a yummy crunchwrap supreme. (and if anyone at Taco Bell is reading this, why on EARTH did you get rid of the chicken crunchwrap supreme? Your lucky you waited until I birthed my baby. You would have had a very, very angry hormonal hungry pregnant woman on your hands!)

Sorry I got off topic. This is about the running. It's obvious to anyone that you can't fuel your body with junk. This is something I'm going to have to seriously work on if I want to continue to improve my long distance running. Or heck, short distance even!

Last night, as I was fuming via my facebook status that I was out of "GU" (i had to take carbboom and Cliff shots instead) a non-running friend commented that she never knew there was so much to running. She thought you just put on some sneakers and...ran. And well, it can be that easy.

But if you want to be faster, better, go further, you start trying new things. Finding out how your body responds to different fueling, training, even shoes or socks. And that's just another one of the many, many things I love about running. It certainly never gets boring!

Now I'm off to scout out an appropriate recovery meal, that doesn't consist of high fructose corn syrup. Wish me luck!
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