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Now These Long Runs are Getting Long

Posted Sep 25 2009 3:32pm
What was I thinking? That's what I kept on asking myself yesterday. Heaven knows I had enough time to answer. This is the part of marathoning that I don't really like. Long runs by myself. Hours spent on a trail alone. I'm spending a lot of time at long and medium long distances. I'm told that it will all pay off in the end, but for now it sure makes for a lot of reflective time.

With the weatherman calling for heat, I wanted to be done while it was still cool. 7:30 AM with the my Cal Coast club was *not* going to cut it. I ended up putting my 17 miles in by 9:30. Pace was slow at 11:15, but that included a couple of stops to fill up my water bottles and some time stopped to chat one of my Cal Coast/Runner's World buddies that I ran into on the trail. It's kind of neat to run into people I know out on a run!

On another note - I've been tagged by B.o.B of discom-bob-ulated Running. The challenge was simple - go to my first photo folder, select the 10th photo and tell a story.

I wish I had a pithy or funny story about this photo, but no such luck. This was taken at the Pediatric Cancer Research Fund's Cinco de Mayo Half Marathon. There wasn't a lot of fan support on the course, and about this point (10 miles in) I was in some pain and distress. These two folks were doing their best to cheer us on while sipping on their coffee and snapping a few pics.

And sorry - no family photos or embarrassing photos of me. Most of those are up on my Flickr site, or my older Fotki site. Feel free to bounce over and have a look. Warning - there are *a lot* of boring baseball photos.... So now it's time to pass the challenge on. Eenie, meenie, meinie, moe.... Patrick you're it!
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