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Now THAT is Stupid

Posted Feb 11 2013 8:19am

My beautiful friend Maggie wrote an amazing post this weekend about loving yourself just the way you are.  I’ve read a lot of posts about this topic and they all sorta just seem cheesy to me.  I skim them and nothing really sinks in.  I get the message they are trying to convey but I never feel any real emotion tied to the post.

Maggie’s post was different. It hit me in all the right places-it made me say ‘hellz yea’ after every sentence.  If for some reason you don’t want to go read the entire post (do it seriously) here’s my favorite line:

“Someday I’ll be 80 and I’ll look back and wonder why I wasted any time criticizing my appearance. So I’ll listen to that future 80-year-old (oh, and my husband), realize that I’m beautiful, end of story, and love myself as I am, no matter what my body looks like.”

Is that not the truth?  Why do we waste so much time putting ourselves down and picking at every little flaw we think we have that we forget how amazing our bodies truly are?  Like most women, I have a ton of issues with my body and honestly cannot remember the last time I stood butt-naked in-front of the mirror and just looked at myself.  How terrifying is that?  No woman wants to stand there and just stare at her naked body in the mirror because all we see are the flaws.

Oh my love handles need to go.  I wish my arm flab wouldn’t shake when I wave.  This cellulite is anything but attractive.  Why can’t I get my stomach flat?

BLAH BLAH BLAH. I could go on for days (as I’m sure you could too) about everything I want to change about my body.  But why?  We are the only ones who notice all these little flaws and it’s doubtful anyone else does. So why can’t we look in the mirror at our (naked) body and think “damn I look good” and smile?

Because -it’s hard.  Especially when all you’re thinking is about what you need to change instead of how rockin you look.

So do me a favor, go stand naked in front of your bathroom mirror and take a good look at your body.  Appreciate it, respect it and most of all try to love what you see.  Even if it’s just for one moment that you can see all the wonderful aspects opposed to the those that you think need ‘fixing,’ it’s important to remember how incredible our actually bodies are.

And honestly, I hate the idea of being 80 years old, looking back and thinking that I wasted all my time hating my body instead of loving it or living my life. What a waste of freaking time and energy. So let’s dance and feel good instead!

That’s all the nonsense I have for now!

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