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Note From the Doctor

Posted Jun 06 2009 12:04am

Dear Scott,

Hi, I am your doctor. I just wanted to tell you that you're pretty awesome and thanks so much for choosing me. Doctors aren't usually flattered, but I must admit I was blushing a bit to know that you picked me.

First of all, did I mention you were awesome?

Secondarily, about that knee thing of yours - don't worry about it. You're so awesome that you'll be fine.

Thirdily, here's a list of all the drugs you need to take just to make sure the knee is "really" okay. (Know what I mean? wink wink)

Fourdly, no matter how good your knee is feeling I advise you to take it easy with your running for a year or so. Why so long? Our practice requires us to advise patients on the ridiculously conservative side so we don't get sued.

In conclusion, you're without a doubt the coolest cat I've had as a patient in a really long time.

With a warm heart (and warm hands),

Your Doctor


Stretch your hammies, take A LOT more ibuprofen than you're taking now, and try some inserts - you have relatively high arches.


He basically confirmed what I've been assuming for the past few weeks. Runner's knee. He said I should start taking 12 ibuprofens a day (or 4 Alleve) to really work o
n the inflammation. A couple/few a day wasn't enough. I'll try out some inserts to see about the semi-high arches that I just found out I had.

So overall very pleasing news. He said it wasn't even necessary to get into the x-ray/MRI stage. He had me do a bunch of motions and flexes and squatting and doctory sort of stuff and was sure there was no knee damage.

I'll continue to rest and this weekend I'll go out for a stroll to see if the Alleve-overdosing is helping. If my one mile jog on Saturday feels good then I think I'll be safe for thirty or so mile on Sunday. Right? ;)

Keep running! I'll be out there soon.


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