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Not time to panic----just time to get it DONE!!

Posted Feb 21 2013 5:04pm

I have been really working furiously on my fundraising and yet I feel that I have SOOOO much to do! My friend Mary McManus  has been working so hard on getting items for our auction and raffle and has come up with some REALLY awesome items! I am so excited and yet I feel like a real slacker beside Mary! She is on FIRE!! Mary has become so passionate about The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp and about my upcoming Boston Marathon....I am SO blessed to have her as a friend and as a member of this "gang"......

Mary and I Skyped yesterday to go over some things for the March 14th fundraiser at Black Eyed Sally's  and I told her that even though I felt we have been getting a lot accomplished and that I been pretty calm (for me!) and happy about how things are coming together, that now I feel it's "time to PANIC!"But almost as soon as the words rolled off of my tongue, I said, "'s not time to panic, it's just time to get it done!!" Mary kept telling me to--"just breathe".....and that is great advice because I tend to get really busy and I forget to breathe!......Okay, so not literally forget to breathe...but you know...I just never sit back, relax and BREATHE!
Mary has been such a big help to me since the first day I announced that I was running Boston! It started with her and her wonderful husband Tom being the first to make a donation on my fundraising page! Now, she is not only calling on all of her friends and acquaintances to ask for their help with donations, services and auction items, but she is constantly reminding me that, "We've GOT this!!" I am NOT alone in this huge undertaking....I have support from so many friends, family, online forum friends....SO many people have shown me that together....We've GOT THIS!!.....We can DO THIS!!!

Ray and I visited the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp offices yesterday for the first time, where we saw so many of our Camp friends, and had lunch with Michael Hund! We had a wonderful conversation about our fundraising and received a great tour of the offices. It was so nice seeing where these wonderful, hardworking people do all of their planning and hard work to keep things running smoothly for the kids! There were so many inspirational paintings and pictures on the walls and everywhere we looked, we could tell how committed everyone there is to THITWGC and the kids! Don't laugh....but when I walked in and saw all of the Camp related photos, pictures of Paul Newman with some of the people that I know and love from Camp, etc....I just felt like CRYING! I just get so emotional over every-wonderful thing about Camp! I could go on and on about our visit....I just LOVE all of our THITW and HITWGC family!!

Yesterday was just a WONDERFUL that filled me with such love and gratitude! First there was our visit to THITWGC offices. After that, I talked to Laurie Forcellina about the Silpada Jewelry party that I am having, where Laurie will donate her full commission to my fundraising efforts! Immediately after speaking with Laurie....I Skyped with Mary! THEN Sundance Kidz were at my house rehearsing, and that is ALWAYS fun and motivational! These guys (and ladies!) work so hard at what they do and they don't get paid for it (at least not monetarily!).....but they enjoy doing it for a good cause! Then, to top the night off, just as I was about to go to bed, I checked my email and my good friend Johnny Mason had just given me $125.00 donation!! WHAT A DAY.....words to remember.......
"Don't panic....just GET IT DONE!!"

If you would like to help me send four kids to this amazing Camp, you can donate online at  my donation page .

If you are in the Cromwell/ Hartford area, you can attend my jewelry party on March 8 (email me for info) or place an online order at Laurie's Silpada website . Just go to the "shop now" tab and look for "find hostess"....put in Pam Robbins and SHOP!! All for a great cause!

Also, don't forget--Fundraiser at Black Eyed Sally's in Hartford on March 14! Sundance Kidz will be performing and we will have some absolutely awesome raffle and auction items to bid on! We are even putting up Sundance Kidz for auction! If you need a great band for an event or is your chance....AND, all of the money goes to The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp !! How AWESOME is that??

Check back over the next few days to get info on all of our auction items!!

Also, please read what Mary (my "gang" member) has to say today on her blog !

Tomorrow---More about the wonderful Beneski Boys!

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