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not so enjoyable run and SOCKS!

Posted Aug 21 2009 12:39pm
Today I had one crazy and not very enjoyable run. See I'm in Hamilton, NJ... staying right off the expressway, in a very busy area, with no sidewalks to run. I had 10 miles with 5 miles at LT (lactate threshold). No way I wanted to sweat it out on the treadmill. I mentally was not tough enough for that today. So I did some quick research and found Clayton Park about 7 miles away. I don't know what I was expecting but they were true trails. No way in hell I would be able to do my tempo run in that! I did just over a 3 mile loop that truly kicked my booty and jumped back in the car to hit up the dreaded mill. I should mention it is 7 pm by this point and I am STARVING! I made it back to the hotel and jumped on the treadmill to at least pound out my 5 tempo miles. All I can say - ugh! What a struggle. I think I may have done just over 4 tempo and a slightly slower tempo than I was hoping for (8:40's vs 8:20's) and ran about 9 1/2 miles total. Now I'm sore and wishing I had my recovery socks.

Speaking of socks... If you've clicked out of google reader to my actual blog page you may have noticed the new WRIGHTSOCK widget on the rightside of the page. Runners Lounge along with Wrightsock are having a little August challenge. This came at an excellent time for me as I recently started a hunt for some new favaorite running socks as Nike discontinued the pair I loved. WRIGHTSOCK sent 6 different pairs of socks to test out and report back my very scientific observations :) I'll have more information and reviews later this week (and month!). A lot of the info I need is at home and on my good computer (not this crappy work computer 3 years past its prime). I can tell you since opening the goods on Sunday I have tested 2 different pairs of the single layer socks on my first 2 runs this week. I'm looking forward to taking them all out on a spin. I hope you are all ready for review month mixed in with the training updates ;)
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