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Not going to lie.

Posted Mar 04 2010 7:45am

I really miss eating meat. Seriously. I never realized how much meat I ate, and as I stated in my lent post I didn’t eat a ton of meat, but I really miss chicken, which was my main staple. I love chicken nuggets and chicken sandwiches and I also love lunch meat on sandwiches.

Man, this no eating meat thing is a lot harder than I thought.

I eat fish, but there is only so much fish you can eat. I like vegetables and have had some delicious lasagna dishes and I have also eaten soups and new things that are quite tasty, but every time I drive by a Chic-fil-a, my heart breaks. I have thirty days left, which seems like a very long time, but I think I can hold out.

Sometimes it’s even hard because how meat is involved in so many dishes. With eggs you can have meat, with pasta you can have chicken, with potatoes there is a lot of delicious meat I’m missing out on. I do like fish and have been eating more fish lately but word from the wise, A Filet-o-Fish is not good. :(

Also, I thought that maybe I would drop a few pounds in the process. Nope. Not saying that I wanted too but I assumed I would eating healthier. I really think that my body is at a weight where I will have to work incredibly, incredibly hard by limiting my food a lot to lose weight at this point. I can eat huge meals and horribly and I weigh the same as if I barely eat anything. I know if I consistently ate bad I would gain weight but I try not to do that anymore.

I have limited my fast food intake by a lot, and going out to eat fast food while not eating meat is pretty hard. Thankfully Taco Bell does have a pretty good “lent” menu and I can still eat tacos without the meat. Most other places doesn’t have options for me though, which is good because it’s saving me money and making me eat healthier.

On the upside I have had some delicious pizza and grilled cheeses often. :)

Tonight I’m back at the pool swimming 1200 to 1500 meters pending how tired I am. I am getting ready for my 20 miler this weekend and plotting out my map of where I am going to run. I know I will have to do a ten miler out and then ten back or else I will give up early if I run by my house before the 20 miles is up. I know I can do it, I just have TO do it now.


Edited to add: I’m not ‘not eating meat’ because I want to become a vegitarian. I’m doing it because I don’t think I could not eat meat for that long. I think the biggest issue I have when choosing foods is that I don’t eat salad or spinach or anything along those lines because I don’t like it.  I’ve watched Food Inc., I’ve read Skinny Bitch, I’ve read fast food nation and I still choose to eat fast food. I guess I thought this post would show that I’m just struggling with it.

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