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Non-Running Friends

Posted Oct 26 2012 2:31pm

I have several friends that do not run and happily display their 0.0 with pride.  That’s fine and all, I have nothing against the non-runners in my life, but I’ve found that non-runners are vehement about their opposition to running, so much so that just hearing about my running adventures makes them question my sanity, “You ran HOW MANY MILES and paid HOW MUCH for a race??  You raced last weekend and now you’re racing again and you have another race in TWO WEEKS?? That’s just crazy, Laura!  I don’t get it!!!”

Yeah, well, I don’t get why they DON’T run.  I’ve spent most of my posts here on reasons why you should run and why it’s awesome and why I love it yet, on the other hand, the non-runners have their reasons too…

Thank you, non-running friend Mandy for this little gem!

1) Running is boring.  That’s the one I hear most often.  And I agree, sometimes when I’m alone and on set for 10+ miles without music, without company, yes it can tend to get boring.  With music, a running buddy and gorgeous scenery to boot, boredom is banished.  I believe those that think running is boring aren’t adding the right components- if you’re on a treadmill, yes that’s tearfully boring, but if you take it outdoors and run with a friend you may be surprised at the difference.

So, I don’t accept that excuse, non-running friends!  Change it up, challenge yourself, make a rocking playlist , grab a running buddy and you never know what joy you may find!

2) Running is hard.  When ever in your life did you start something new and find it easy?  When?  NEVER.  Running is hard, the non-runners are right about that, even being a seasoned runner with 5 years of practice like me, it can still get incredibly difficult at times but, just with any other sport, you practice, train, learn, repeat and it just gets easier.  With running, practice doesn’t make perfect, but it certainly gives you the confidence to keep going harder and longer.  (That’s what she said… sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

So difficulty level excuses don’t confront me either- exercise in general is hard and no one improves in the comfort zone!  Running is hard because the pay-off is so great.

3) I don’t run because I’m slow. Okay, yeah, well I’m “slow” too but I truly believe that miles are miles are miles no matter how they are accomplished.  We all cross the same finish line and unless you are an elite or Olympic hopeful, we are ALL slow!  I never compare myself to my fast friends or their speed goals, we all have different body types and ability levels and that’s just life.  Truth be told, I despise speed work, it’s hard and I completely hate running in circles on the Oval of Doom (aka track) so I never really get faster but I don’t care about that!  Just accomplishing the distance- be it 3.1 or 26.2- is the ultimate goal.

So, speed is relative, being slow is a poor excuse, I don’t accept that either.

4) Running takes too much time. Well, then, adjust your goals so that you don’t have to run more than you would want to!  Not everyone who runs trains for marathons and/or half marathons and those are the distances that require a significant time commitment.  I know people who are happy only running 5Ks meaning that they are never running for more than an hour, ever, and that suits them just fine.  And, some people are content NOT to race!  Hunh!  Imagine that!

So, take the time you want to take, running for hours on end is not a requirement of the sport.

5) I look like an idiot when I run.  Okay but who’s watching?  If you are casually jogging down the street or even running a race, the ten, fifty, hundreds, thousands of other people are- trust me in this- NOT watching you.  If they are, it’s only because they want to be running too.  Running is such an internal process that the last thing I think when passing other runners is, “Wow, she sure looks like an idiot.”  More like, “Hey, that chick’s running skirt is  super cute,” or, “Whoa, those are some bright ass neon compression socks!”  Dr. Phil truly said it best: “You wouldn’t care so much about what people think about you if you knew how little they did.”

So, you look like a fool when you run?  Well, join the club and get over it!

In conclusion, dear non-running friends, I hope that you can find it in your hearts to listen to my running stories with an open heart and without judgement of my choices, yourself or your own abilities.  It is completely okay with me that you don’t run and you’ve got some pretty good points, but please don’t put me down for doing so.  As friends, let’s support each other and be happy for one another’s accomplishments- I’ll support your hate of running if you support my love of it.

And, if you ever want to give running a try- you know who to call.

How about you, do you have any non-running friends?  How do they relate to your running endeavors?  Do you ever feel judged or chastised by your friends who don’t run? If so, how do you handle it?

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