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Non Physical Benefits of Exercise

Posted Sep 10 2012 6:41am
As I procrastinate writing yet another paper this weekend, 1 is a enough right?! I found a great article talking about something we as athletes already know but is so important... Not only does exercise benefit us physically but also mentally . The graphic below pretty much sums up the article with some statistics that are awful to see, look at the amount of kids who actually exercise, yikes!

I know for me exercise is much more then physical, I am a mental wreck if I miss too many workouts, especially when I can't run! This gets so bad that Matt has nearly kicked me out of the house making me run on bad days! I have seen the other positive benefits during my most recent job interview when, although completely unrelated, my background as a marathon runner and coach was brought up as a reason for thinking I was a great person for the job. I was later told that my commitment to the training and ability to motivate others to run would be a great asset to the organization.

How has exercise benefited you in a non-physical way?

The other big can we help others to experience these same benefits and pass this on to our children and their generation? For me I don't believe it will be my child in the TV statistics as she loves to run and be active, we will continue to be good role models for healthy behavior and encourage her.



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