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Non Filtered Estrogen Run ...

Posted Oct 30 2010 9:20am

Non Filtered Estrogen Run

I figured I needed more good long run before Bills' Bad Ass 50K in a few weeks, but instead of doing one long ass long run on Saturday, blowing out half the day and making me worthless for the remainder, I decided to cut it into two "longish" runs on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was going to be an exclusive naughty girls run with a few nice girls thrown in for contrast, then Sunday I was going to do the Zombie Run on which is the Summit Co. Metro Parks hiking spree done all in one fell swoop and organized by ADHD runners that don't want to spread it over a whole season. The weather was going to be perfect for running--crisp, frost on the pumpkin cool in the morning warming up the 50's during the day, autumn blue skies cut with wisps of white against autumn leaves, we know, will soon be on the ground.

Debi G., Maria C., Wendy C. and myself started at the forlorn yellow park buildings just off Snowville Rd. We were going to head to Boston Store and back to make it a nice 10 mile run. The plan was to intersect with Melissa C. and Denise F., and the delightfully accented, Dez, from South Africa, who started at Boston. I was really looking forward to this since I haven't seen Maria in ages and was dying to hear about her International naughty adventures with Nico--a handsome man from Argentina she picked up in Brazil. I wasn't sure if Wendy C., a divorce lawyer, and good friend of Debi's, and on her first trail run ever, would appreciate Maria's vivid descriptions of sexual adventure and intrigue. Maria point blank asked her if she was easily offended. I had a feeling Wendy, innocent and blond, standing in spankin clean, untainted, never used lavender trail shoes, was going to get more of an education than she bargained for.

When I first met Debi, I used to call her "June Cleaver" for all her sweet and innocent ways, but Debi has had several years of trail running with the likes of women like us, to form a callous against our brazen ways. I thought it would be good for Wendy to run with woman like us, because--after all--women like us usually end up divorced and can potentially generate Wendy some lucrative business. This could be an excellent match.

The first thing that a trail runner needs to realize is that when trail runners run, the filters and the masks we wear during the day while we earn a living or parent our children--thankfully, come off, and we talk as freely as the endorphins flow and the miles tick off. I thought Bob would have a good time being in the center of this particular mix of estrogen (and more testosterone than we'd care to admit), but he was going to be participating in a photo shoot at HPL where he's a client. With no male factor to take into consideration, this means total filter removal. We were an exclusive group of formidable she wolves trotting the trail between Snowville and Boston Store.

As hoped, we met up with the colorful Melissa C., Denise F, and Des, all festively adapted to Halloween trail runners, while Maria spared nothing. She is a gifted story teller and, at one point, had us all blushing making us feel like we were in bed with she and her international lover. At a certain point, the visuals very strong, I felt compelled to cover Wendy's ears and say, "la-la-la-la," while some of us wondered if the things Maria described were humanly possible. It was fabulous.

Our tight little estrogen pack of trail running woman probably scared the quiet cerebral group of nature photographers at Blue Hen Falls, crouched down, shooting pictures of green plants poking through leaf litter. Right after that, much to our surprise, we saw a big six point buck make his way through the brush. I don't think I've ever seen such a big ole buck so close, but surely, the animalistic power generated from a pack of female trail runners, brought him out. Contrast that to the man we saw at Boston Store, standing off a ways watching us, and obviously scared, shitless, if he'd take our picture. He said, "I don't think so." Totally rejected, but rolling with the punches, we got his wife, girlfriend, trail buddy or whoever she was, to take our picture, while he slithered off and Melissa howled in laughter.

The rest of the group went ahead and I hung back with Maria who was really struggling since hasn't run in ages. She's getting ready, too, for another fitness competition, so I was happy to take it easy with her. It was wonderful to catch up with her again. Everyone needs a Maria. I love them so much, I have a few of them. Stay tuned to the Zombie Run.
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