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No workout for YOU!

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:28pm
(channelling the "Soup Nazi" from Seinfeld for my title today)

I got the stomach bug yesterday, & spent the afternoon & evening hugging the porcelain thrown.

Being sick sucks.

Both the kids had this--Luke threw up on Easter Sunday morning, & Sophie was sick last week on Thursday (in the middle of the night). This virus seems to have a 4 day incubation period & lasts about 24 hours.

I had planned on running yesterday. I had planned on lifting weights today. Guess what I get to do instead?

Nothing but feel sick & sorry for myself.

I must say, in a twisted way I enjoyed seeing a 4 pound loss on the scale this morning. Yes, yes, it was all water weight. But it was hard earned--puking your guts out is tough work! Hahaha.

I'm still feeling quesy & the thought of most food makes me sick (bonus! more weight loss). Seriously, I can't wait to feel better. I'm so thankful this is happening now & not next week. The half marathon is a mere 11 days away.

Maybe I can manage to maintain the Stomach Flu Diet weight loss until then.
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