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No stress, no stress, no stress. Repeat after me.

Posted Dec 08 2010 10:32pm

Repeat after me. I am not stressed. I love Christmas. I love winter. I love this time of year. I am not stressed.

Wow how  quickly we went from fall to winter! Seems just like yesterday that I was oohing and ahhhing over the fall foliage and relishing those 55-degree runs wearing nothing but shorts and a long-sleeved shirt. See this tree? I love this tree.

My 8-year-old ran her first mile-long Turkey Trot race. She rocked! Check her out!

Now, I have Christmas decorations up and I am stressing over holiday shopping and I had to wear a face cover today while running.

It was 23 degrees this morning at the bus stop. Of course, the middle-school crumb catchers refuse to wear anything more than just chucks, jeans, and hoodies, as much as I try to mother-hen them into winter coats, scarves, and gloves. But no, apparently keeping warm isn’t socially acceptable…Oh my God, I am getting old. see? (I am horribly unphotogenic, folks, so you will not see many pics of me, except for maybe about 3 that I have deemed acceptable). Here’s one…

Sigh. I wish the holiday season wasn’t stressful but it is. Everything moves too fast and the whole shopping/spending/being everywhere at once turns my favorite time of year into my most stressful time of year.  I really love Christmas and the winter months. I really hate the pressure of finding time to shop and the pressure of getting everyone things they want. Thank goodness for running and vodka! I am trying hard to stay focused on the important things about this time of year: family, love, running in the cold, and of course getting prepped up for my marathon. See? I have my priorities set. Oh…and vodka.

One thing I really don’t like about right now is that I don’t have a good camera. In fact, I only have my phone to take pictures. So… hint hint…a camera from Santa would be very much appreciated. All the same I took a few low-quality but cheerful pics to remind myself how much I love this time of year. so here you go… for what it is worth.

See this little decoration? Every year when I take it out, my kids fight over who gets to be which critter…even my 8th grader! Kids are awesome.

For whatever reason, all the decorations my kids pick out for Christmas are animals.  We have owls, squirrels, polar bears, penguins, birds, and even fish hanging up all over our tree.

Polar bear, in case you were wondering. My photography skills are simply amazing, no?

Now this would be a squirrel.

What? You mean you can’t tell this is a fish?

A bird’s nest…an owl decoration hovers just over it.

And this would be Crumb Catcher #3 snuggled up next to Dog #1.

What do you guys do to relieve stress?

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