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No New Year Resolutions

Posted Dec 21 2009 12:00am
I resolve to make no New Years resolutions. They just end up hanging there in front of me ready at a moments notice to cause disappointment. Like my promise to get up to the top of Mt. Beacon; I've been prattling on about it for almost two years now. 2008 seemed to be the year of the injuries (Groin pull and twice twisted ankle) and 2009 was marked by consistency (and caution) on the road, but absolutely no desire to journal. All I can do for 2010 is make an attempt to organize what I've learned about my running and myself over the past few years into a routine.

Here's a few things I've learned:

1. I truly love running. It is the only way I've found to de-stress, forget work and enjoy peace and quiet while still doing something productive.
2. My body is a-lot more resilient and responsive than I initially gave it credit for. This has drastically changed the way I've looked at entering my forties and aging in general.
3. I get great benefit from reading past entries. It's amazing how quickly I've forgotten some of my runs and I get re-inspired reading about both the good and the not-so-good runs.
4. The more I run, the more I want to run and the more my body is used to it. This seems quite logical, but I've been surprised by how my body urges me to not sit still, especially when I've been cooped up in the office all day.

Also, I've realized that I enjoy cold weather running; but I don't know why. I hate the cold weather and being cold. The dry air leaves me dry, itchy and especially uncomfortable. I'm built for more temperate climes where humidity and copious sun abound. But for some reason - maybe it's my way of "conquering" this weather - I get a kick out of getting my layers on (just bought the coolest Under Armour balaclava/skull cap thing) and cutting my way through the frigid air. There's a crispness to it that tastes like drinking a clean glass of ice-water...

I may try an early run, though in the dark with the potential of ice I may demur and chose not to. I quit the NYSC across the street and may go ask about one at a time visits.
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