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No More Yoga Pants

Posted Apr 12 2012 7:51am

I have a new routine. Starting today.

I’m officially employed again!

That was fast right? My interview was on Tuesday and today, Thursday, is my first day. And guess what? It sort of involves running! (Well, runners). I’ll give you a hint: I wrote about it in this post (which is coincidentally the first time I wrote about a “little twinge on my knee” which we all know turned out to be a full blown IT band/hamstring/knee/monster injury.

Anyway, if you want to hear more about what I’ll be doing, send me a message and I’ll give you the 411. (Do kids these days still say that?) You never know who’s reading and the last thing I need is a crazy person showing up at my office. You picking up what I’m putting down? Okay good!

So now I need your help. In my previous job we were spoiled beyond belief and had lunch, snacks, coffee, etc provided for us in an open kitchen everyday. Waffles and omelettes included. I know. WAFFLES. But I’m totally better off now. So, I need your best ideas for easy to pack snacks. And how to run-mute instead of commute! Do I leave clothes at the office? Just carry keys and a wallet while running? You people amaze me and I need to learn these skills.

Oh, and as I was dragging out all of my work clothes and crying that I can no longer wear yoga pants all day every day, I found a hidden stash of workout shorts! Jackpot. Do you think I have enough of the same pair?


Love the Nike shorts obviously. There’s some Under Armour thrown in there too.

Have a great day everyone! Is anyone else mourning the loss of daily yoga pants wearing? Starting a new job? Quitting a horrible job? A good run-muter? A good snacker? Tell me!

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