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No I'm not talking about my boob ...

Posted May 22 2009 11:51pm

K8 No I'm not talking about my boobs.  There I said it.  The B word.  Now I'm really going to get the hits on this page.  It works for Susan anyway ;) 

Seriously though... I was having some pretty severe chest pain that started Tuesday morning and was interrupting my sleep all night Monday night.  First a little background...  Some of you know I had open heart surgery in 2002.  Ever since then I've been prone to getting "pericarditis" which is an inflammation of the pericardium that surrounds the heart.  Basically it puts pressure on the heart and makes you feel like you are having a heart attack.  I've had the joy of experiencing it 2-3 times since surgery.  No one really know why once you get it - you are more prone to get it again.

The last time was about 1 year ago when I was training for my first marathon.  I had to stop running for about 3-4 weeks and take anti-inflammatory medication. 

The symptoms I was experiencing were somewhat similar.  I wasn't 100% certain I had it again but I went into the doctor this morning after almost crying from some of the shooting pains.  The doctor did an EKG and listened to my heart, as well as a few other tests.  Turns out it's a severe muscle strain of my pectoral muscle or whatever it's called.  Go figure!  She said it will probably hurt for about a week and gave me some anti-inflammatory medicine to help calm it down.

So there is the worst that happened to me from SB9T.  Who knew so much of your running was upper body...  Next time I'll have to do a little more strength training and stretching for my upper body.  My legs on the other hand feel awesome! :)

Happy Running,

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