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Nike... Offensive Ad

Posted May 27 2012 6:06pm
Nike attempted to win browny points by stating in their apology that they employ people who are 'confined to a wheel chair' as if to suggest '...hey, what the big deal, we like the disabled, we even have a couple on the payroll'.  As if that makes it all good.  Sheesh, patronizing at its worst.  

Rick Hanson, Man in Motion... confined, drooling, misshapen, non-extreme?
Ask a person who uses a wheelchair if they feel confined and you better duck or you'll get a poke in the nose!  Steven Hawking, Itzhak Pearlman, Rick Hanson and millions of other average joe's...confined!? When we use words like 'confined' or 'disability first' language we unintentionally define the person by their disability and suggest they are less of a person than their differently abled peers.

The highlight of the MB marathon for me is running along side that fellow, about 10 years my senior, who's zipping along in a wheel chair. He's a regular dude, he's not an elite athlete, his chair is nothing fancy, and he's dressed in jeans and a tee-shirt. He's cheerful and shoots the breeze with anyone who has the energy to match his pace. Confined my foot!  

And at this year's Fargo Marathon I ran along side a runner with a visual impairment who was supported by a sighted runner.  Their pace and confidence was inspiring.  I told them both that they were amazing and he replied I too was awesome and not to forget it!  Confined my foot!
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