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Nike free?

Posted by Tiannaruns

What do you think about barefoot training? Want to try it out, but instead of going complete barefoot I was thinking about purchasing from the Nike free line. Any tips/suggestions to barefoot running?


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If you want to get into barefoot running, Nike Free is not the way to go. The problem is that they still have a heel that is raised higher than the forefoot, which effectively makes it a non-barefoot running shoe. The only thing remotely barefoot about them is their flexibility, which they achieve by having these gaps along the sole, guaranteed to get stuff caught in them - a complaint from many buyers. There are a few brands out there who do it right, like Vivo Barefoot, Feelmax, and Vibram. I run in Vibram Five Fingers. They look absolutely stupid (perhaps not so bad on a female), but they do the job and cost less than $100. Walking barefoot is also beneficial. I wear Vivo Barefoot when I'm not running, and they're amazing.

Also, if you want to start running barefoot, you'll have to alter your stride, but this may come naturally. For me it didn't. Think how you would run if you were barefoot on a hardwood floor and someone started chasing you. Unless you're one of these people who steps very heavily (like the prick that lives above me), then the way you would run in this situation is by landing on the forefoot. It's also the natural way to run.

I'm excited to see someone getting interested. I've been barefooting for about two years now and I swear by it. My balance, speed, stamina, and leg/foot strength have all improved. Formerly, I ran in all kinds of shoes and typically had injuries now and then like most runners. This ended with barefoot running. Perhaps one of the most amazing things is that I used to have flat feet, but I actually developed arches about six months into going shoeless.

Please feel free to ask many any more you may have about barefoot running. While I'm not a doctor, I have a lot of stuff written by doctors regarding barefoot running.

I shouldn't forget to warn you that you should gradually transition into barefoot running. I dropped shoes immediately, and my calves felt awful. This is because they were not accustomed to how they are used when running barefoot. Take it slow. The transition period is where one is likely to get injured. Best wishes.
I have friends who run barefooted, and they enjoy it. They say that having good form is critical to not being injured. In my case, I've been running injury-free with shoes for 38 years, and I've had no problems with shoes. Thus, I'm sticking with what works for me.
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