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Nike+ iPod for running

Posted by Daniel K.

Nike and iPod combination (onlye $35 bucks or so) ... have used for several months. Great for tracking your runs and progress as well as during your runs having an idea of time elapsed, pace, distance etc. Can Upload runs/times/etc. Only works with iPod-mini. Nike Website lets you track goals, distance run (i.e. total miles over weeks etc), compare runs, speeds etc. Can use with any running shoe really, though custom Nike shoes (you can custom design online ~$100) have a special spot for the small device that tracks your speed etc.. There are some pretty good free PodCasts designed for running along to as well.
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I just got one of these Nike chips as a gift, but haven't used it yet. Mine works with a Nano only, I believe. How does it work? Does it really help choose songs that match your running rhythm or is it more about tracking your speed and distance? Thanks.
Sounds good. I've read several articles that state if you play music, you will be able to train for longer and faster. Sounds good!
I only post this because it's important for people to be aware. In general, I love Nike as a product, but (unless something has changed) they are still sponsoring Michael Vick as one of the faces of Nike. As he is being indicted for dogfighting (a vicious sport where helpless dogs are harmed are trained to be violent) there is no reason for Nike to keep him on their roster, is their? Innocent until proven guilty but if you've followed any of this, it doesn't look good.
I've tried it out and it works pretty awesome. I can't wait to pick this product up and start using it. I run in Nike Pegasus, which is compatible with the plus product, so it works out great. Make sure that your Nike shoes are compatible with the product, some our not. And of course, non-Nike brand shoes will not work with it. If you haven't tried Nike shoes in a while, you should. They've spent big bucks redoing their shoes and are paying much closer attention to the needs and wants of runners!
I like the Nike+ tool. But I think it's a bit off with respect to my pace and total distance. The Nike device usually tells me I ran about 1/4 - 1/2 mile more than I actually did. Although I know the device can be calibrated, just have to get to the track and do this someday. Regardless, I really like it!

I just got mine last week and have logged 3 runs so far. Unfortuntately, mine is not calibrated correctly, so I need to calibrate again. I just have to go out and do it. I like it though. It was great to have Lance Armstrong congratulate me on Sunday after my long run!!!

I love my Ipod and my Nike+ and the best thing I like about is the following:

Keeps track of the mileage, pace, calories, etc - You can create challenges with people all of the world to run with you and will provide training to reach any goal of 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon

This is some serious high tech tracking. I'll have to keep this in mind if I stick with running this time!
Totally love it, although I wish the pedometer was more accurate!
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