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Next Running Adventure??

Posted Oct 02 2012 10:29am
Well, wouldn't you know soon as I get into a fairly regular running routine for the first time in awhile, I come down with some kind of allergy/sinus/asthma thing! I had to use my asthma inhaler this morning for the first time in a couple of months. I HATE being sick, especially when I have so many projects I want to do around the house, in addition to trying to get myself into decent running shape! I can't do much of anything to exert myself when the asthma is like this without making it much worse.....and I do NOT want to make any visits to the local ER!

So, I figured that I could either use this down-time to lay around and whine  over not feeling well and not being able to run, OR, I could use it to come up with a definite plan of action! I have decided that instead of the usual whining and moaning, I am going to give myself permission to forget about house work, laundry and everything else, and just do a lot of planning for my next marathon, training schedule, fund raiser, etc! I am going to spend some time on the computer checking out some of my old favorite running websites and forums. By the end of this week, I expect to have a plan for my next running adventure!

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